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I'm looking to buy a car on a private sale from someone 250km away.  The mileage is low for the age, so suspicion number one, the seller has a decent explanation but you know. ..He's just sent me some more photos, fine, but the number plate is erased.  Um, Am I worried?  What can I do with the numberplate.  Seeing as the photos show an A Vendre notice in the back window it seem rather odd.Looking all this up I discovered which is the "mot" website where you can look at old Control Techniques. - Great.  BUT you have to be the owner first - like that's really helping to cut down on fraud.Anyway the deal is he gets a new CT done, we meet in his place, drive to a branch of my bank to exchange moneys and documents/keys.  Does this sound reasonable?My French will do, been here for a decade, I'm better at French than at carsThanks

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Hi,You need to look carefully at the car preferably on your own.Have a friend distract the owner!.Look at the drivers seat for wear,the feel of the steering wheel and the gear knob.What do the peddle rubbers look like? Does it feel like a 250,000kmn car? Look for  white writing on the aircleaner or near, indicating cambelt and water pump have been changed in french obviouslyThey cover up the number plate so it can't be cloaned.If the wear indicators I have said mean little to you walk away or pay for a friend to advise you.

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Sorry I should have said does it feel like the kilometers stated.

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Some people do low mileages in their cars, my neighbour has driven less than 1200km in the last year, that need not be suspicious. I'm not sure what the steering wheel or gear lever test will show, those on my 11 year old Golf are as good as new.

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There's wear on the leather steering wheel of my 11 year old Benz though. So it's not one size fits all regarding the wheel.

Personally I check the pedals, steering wheel, upholstery and window sill where people rest their elbow. It's not going to guarantee a jot, but may highlight inconsistencies.

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Bought it now.  I found the bloke credible, the wear and tear is as it should be, I drove it 250km back, so far the bluetooth on the radio is unreliable (surprise) and the door open light is duff, so fine really

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I meant to say - and thanks for the advice

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