Buying a car with 1 years CT

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Hi i have someone that wants to buy my car, it only has one year left on the CT.  cart carte gris is in my name,  my question how do I transfer ownership, what do I write on the carte gris?  Seen cars for sale with none or little CT on Bon coin

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you really just need to explain to your buyer that the sale is 'as seen' (dans l'etat), without a valid CT. Some people say add this 'dans l'etat' on a bill of sale or on the CG but that has no legal value.

The sale proceeds as normal - you mark 'vendu le xx/xx/xx' on the CG - you produce the normal certificat de cession.

BUT, be aware, in the extreme situation, as the buyer will be obliged to pass a new CT (if they choose to register the car), they have the legal right to cancel the sale and demand a refund, should they find out repairs will be extensive for example.

I must stress that this is an exception, but the seller's risk.

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Hi thanks for the information, so basically the same writing as if I had a CT and put dans l'etat for what it's worth

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general rule is -  the car can only be sold with a Controle technique of  up to 6 months -   might be easier to sell the car with a new certificate anyway    We recently sold our car with no control technique but it was for scrap or parts only -   the buyer ticked the box on the certificate de cession as  car for  cédé -   destruction   I say sell -   he took it away and left us the headlights and tyres 

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Yes, me too. I have sold two cars with short CT's and have in both cases marked for scrap, no CT and not for use on the highway. In both cases the police came back to me as the vehicles were illigaly parked. I sent (recorded post) a photocopy showing these details and the buyers address. In neither case had they reregisted the vehicle and I could have been held liable had I not been so careful. All buyers are liars!

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