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Does anyone know what paper work i should get when buying a secondhand car in France ? Also how i check to see if it is clear of debt / not written off or stolen ? And at what age does a car need its first Controlee Tecneque test. ? I should add it is a private sale. Thanks inadvance. 

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You will find the information you require in our Information pages: see here:

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if you are buying privately -  make sure you are given the Carte Grise  and Certificate De Cession -  legally they have to provide a Controle Technique certificate no older than 6 months  

If you are buying from a reputable garage they will probably want more paperwork provided by yourself  -  EDF bills   proof of insurance  etc 

If you are selling -   you must provide  the  Carte grise - controle technique and certificate de cession   make sure you cross the carte grise  -  Vendu  date and time -   and date and time on the certificate de cession or you are still legally responsible if they have an accident after leaving with the car 

I was told it is quite difficult to sell a car here that has been stolen or written off because the law is alot stricter -   

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Thanks for that Tasker . Sounds good.

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