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I have just purchased an old 1992 Hymer camping car. It has a Citreon 2.5 TD engine. Does anyone know a good mechanic that could check this out and service the vehicle for me. Alternatively where is the best place to take it. Near Narbonne/Beziers/Minervois, I don't want to travel too far. Many thanks if you think you can help.

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romakayak 1433631801

I have seen motorhomes parked at Norauto in villeneuve les beziers. Next door is aNarbonne camping cars.

Are you sure its a citroen motor, not a Fiat or Peugeot?

007-492667 1433665308

Romakayak - Same engine!

Mandolin-888024 1433669062


Yes I am sure, it has a Citroen badge on the front.

potter-493265 1433751757

I would recommend  CJL Evasion as they are Hymer agents in this area. I had my Hymer repaired with them after they quoted almost half the price than Narbonne accessories for the same job.Yours is a  brown and cream Hymer? this was badged as a Fiat ,Ford  or Citroen. But Fiats were the more common.You can still by the way have spares sent over by Brownhills in GB and they will also give advice ,it is quite cheap usimg Skype. which model do you have I had the B534 in 1992.but ended up with a 584. I may have some details of your model from 92.

Mandolin-888024 1433764059


This one is not brown and white, it is more silver and white.

It is a 1992 B544, with the end kitchen.



Shazaka 1435492241

We are looking for a motor home in good mechanical condition. We don't mind what make but maximum berth 4. We have looked on the internet trying every combination of France motor home, camping van etc you can think of but can't seem to find a site selling them. Where did you get yours from please? 

Mandolin-888024 1435497171


I found mine on a site called leboncoin. 


Languedoc Is the first geographic area or you can look in then neighbouring regions (regions voisines) or all of France.

Enter camping car in the first box or the make and then select caravaning from the drop down categories box.

Further reduce by make price kilometerage etc.

There are hundreds

Hope this helps


Shazaka 1435913070

Thank you very much. Will try that now.

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