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We are a british retired couple who live in heirault area and wondered if anyone down here who have a boat they are not using ,and wouldnt mind a few months rent out of peak season for reasonable cost, from experienced boaters on canals , Just an idea but we do know lots of people maybe for health or family reasons or even have it  up for sale and aren't  using their boat and rather than have it sat, To be having it responsibly used would be a better alternative.

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Hi, I have a friend who I met up with in the summer on his English imported narrow boat, when he and is family were down here. They live in the Alps but their boat is near us, near to Le Somail on the Canal du Midi. He mentioned that he would like to rent it out in return for a modest rent and some maintenance. I am unsure if he has progressed this I can introduce you? Regards Kevin

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Hi Kevin,

thanks for your message.   Yes please, introduce us, that would be really helpful.  

Perhaps your friend could email me:

thanks again


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Hi Jeff

I've sent him a message with your e.mail address. 

Good luck


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many thanks for your help

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