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I have been qouted €1570 all risk insurance for my new bike, honda transalp 600 by Allianze in Beziers. Thats a ridiculous amount to pay for 12 months with my level of no claims, 4 years. Can anyone advise on the best and and cheaper way of going about getting bike insurance for a 51 year old? thanks in advance

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ian42 1422905700

Please remember French insurance companies insure the bike not the rider. Anyone over 21 who has held a full bike licence is fully insured  to ride your Transalp.  My bike insurance went up when I dropped from a BMW F650  to a Suzuki Burgman 400 ! because more scooters were stolen ! !

I now pay 305 euros per years with 19 years no claim bonus.for my Burger 400.

Bite the bullet or buy a smaller bike !

Think of the views, open bends and the unclutterd roads of the Langeudoc ! !

Because your worth it !!

Regards Ian

tims2658 1422909928

Sounds stupid....I pay 300 e p/year for a DR 650 with AXA

romakayak 1422914236

Tims, how many years NCB do you have?

richard2244 1422968847

I use for my car and van insurance, saves about 50%.


Good Luck

TASKER-497318 1422981372

Hi    -   Macif were the best for my sons motorbyke -    think the best idea is to shop around -   and if it is a renewal you  have to do it 2 months before the renewal date or you are tied in to your policy -  the insurance company has to be notified in writing -   and if you find a cheaper insurance they will notify the other insurance company for you.   Axa can be cheap for new customers but can suddenly increase after a couple of years -  probably hoping you dont notice and stay with them 

romakayak 1423044607

I took a snow bound walk down to AXA in Besiers and found they would not insure me because i had insured my house with Allianze, strange!

I will try Macif and hopefully get a realistic price for a mid range bike that i have!

romakayak 1423228635

I am now insured for the bike. The local bike shop owner took me to an insurance office this morning and i now have third party fire and theft, french version for €198. I traced my NCB from my old insurers to 12 years. Now i need a peageot car to transport my kayak down to the sea, canal etc.

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