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Hi Im wanting to know if anyone would be able to tell me the cost of full cambelt change including doing the water pump change etc, in France. Thanks  Martin Thompson.  

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Whatever you do get it done at a proper garage. I had mine done by a friend, sold the car and had to do pay for an engine rebuild as there was no guarantee when it snapped on the autoroute

richard2244 1436552797

Obviously, cost depends upon the make and model of the vehicle. I paid around 350,00 Euros for my Berlingo van. But as duxfordman says, get it done by a garage as it is a difficult job and if it goes wrong the engine in trashed.

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Thankyou for your feedback, we have had the car about 3 weeks when the cam belt went, it had on the odometer 75000km so thought not a problem, learn by your mistakes I guess, awaiting for a summary from the mechanic ????.??

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