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Can anyone living in the Quillan area,who has registered their English car within THE LAST 3 MONTHS please clarify where they went to register because we have been given conflicting advice, I think because where people went a while back is not the same as now.  I am aware we have to get a Quitas fiscal before visiting the prefecture but can we do this all in one place, or is it different offices in different towns. Thanks.  

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Hi   it wasnt in the last 3 months -  but when we registered our last english car -   I got the fiscal from the prefecture in Limoux -  but I did have to arm wrestle her for it -    then I let our mayor do all the other paperwork and send it all off.    Do you know Belinda -  who understands all the ins and outs of paperwork like that 

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We took the bull by the horns on Friday and all now done. It involved the Bureau de Impots at Limoux for the Quittas Fiscal followed by the Prefecture at Carcassonne for the registration. All helpful enough apart from the guy on reception at the Prefecture. Thanks for your reply.

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we did it about 2 months ago at the Prefecture in Limoux, it was surprisingly straightforward!

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