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How do you know when a garage is telling the truth when they claim a number of things are needing changing/replacing, when you go there with one problem.  Is there anywhere to get advice about this sort of thing.

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whyme-538020 1368604755

If you do not belive the advice they are giving you then why go there in the first place? Would it not have been beter to go to a recommended garage!!!!

trams 1368615456

This was a recommended garage!

Sherminator 1368735715

Probablly best to go other garages to compare quotes.

trams 1368793126

Thank, maybe I will, if the car is driveable!

Geoff Woolley-495598 1368817988

Hello trams, There is a very good English car mechanic in Narbonne if you live near there, contact me if it's of interest to you.

trams 1368832304

Thanks Geoff, but I think Narbonne would be too far, with the car in it's present condition.  I  took it to a garage that I'd  used satisfactorily,reviously who  said they could fix it.  He apparently spent two hours 'locating the proble' and diagnosed that it was the spark plugs.  He charged me 250 Euros. (I'd already given him a diagnosis fromof the breakdown service, ie., sensors were faulty) That afiternoon I took it  for a test drive -  the gears stopped working - just jumped to neutral, i(t's semi automatic).  I called him out and he said 'I had a problem with the gears' and denied any responsibility for this.  I had it towed to a recommended garage, who didn't diagnose  for me, but just sent me a very high estimate of works to do, including batteries, belts etc.  !    This garage is in Beziers.

Geoff Woolley-495598 1368893741


I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. The one thing that really gets me annoyed about France is that every time you wish something done the tradesmen try and rip you off. There is one garage I know of in Beziers that was good with us when we had a water pump breakdown late one Friday night. 80 Euro' s labour for removing old pump and fitting new one at 6pm on a Friday night.

If your coming from V'neuve du Beziers direction going towards Brico depot, as you pass arund the one way system you go over the river Aude bridge, t/r at the r'bout,  go along this road you pass under a railway bridge, then over the old canal bridge, turn immediately left alongside the old canal basin and the garage is 200 metres on your right.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Best regards,


trams 1368902010

Thanks Geoff,

Your garage sounds very reasonable. Do you remember the name of it by any chance..  I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels they're getting ripped off - every service I've used so far has ripped me off.  My spoken French isn't so great, so they seem to take advantage - it's got to the stage that I dread having to use any services.  


trams 1369251518


I found it very difficult to follow your instructions, but I found a garage that might be the

one you recommended, is it Garage Villeneuve Auto, as it looks like it could repair the gearbox.

I have the problem of getting it there though, so I don't know if they would pick it up.

Best regards

trams 1399461060

Hello Geoff,

I'm back again.  The car I found is Auto Rapid, in Beziers.  They promised to find an occasional part for me - I am still waiting.  They are now saying that I need a whole new engine!  I think they are in league with the fellows in Mercedes, as when we picked up the car from there he went over and gave the cursory cheek-kissing that you would to a friend.  The legal guy at my insurance just said , take it to another garage for a second opinion!  I need, however, to be sure of the next place I take it to, as I would have to pay towing charges also!  

So once again, I am asking you for details of the garage you suggested, maybe a phone number, as i found your directions too hard to follow.

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