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Has anyone had experience in using one of the online companies who issue these certificates.  It seems a painless way of obtaining one, if it works.  If you have, what language did your certificate come in. I want mine in French to avoid any translation issues.

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boltholefrance 1390328795

We got ours online and it was in English but was not a problem when I registered the vehicle. The most difficult thing to identify was the fiscal horsepower which is what you are charged on. 

Good Luck!

sallylouisecollinson 1390334767

Check with your car makers, I have a Honda and they provided a certificate of conformity for free. It was in English but it wasn't a problem.

rhjffm 1391464585

Hi Glynis28,

                     I have imported several UK vehicles over the years and I would recommend phoning the UK importers of your make of vehicle. My first import was a Fiat so I Googled  "Fiat UK"  and soon found the head office phone number.(Don't bother contacting dealers. Contact the importing company.) I was put straight through to the appropriate person who asked for a copy of the V5 registration document and I soon received my COC free of charge. I did the same with Renault Trucks UK who supplied me with a COC for my Renault 7.5 tonne lorry, again without charge. VW UK directed me to their website where I applied for a COC and was advised that it would cost around £80 but not to pay anything until they processed the request and could confirm that a COC was available. I soon received my COC but there was no request for payment. Volvo and Mazda both charged around £150.

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