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My controle technique runs out in September  but as no date is given I assume I have to get it done before the end of the month - is that right ? My airbag light has come on and remains on , but the electrics on my golf MK5 2005 are always playing up with odd warning lights coming on and off (such as door not shut warning   when all doors and boot firmly shut )  -- can anyone tell me if it will fail the test because of that.  Thanks 

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penelope-499784 1404059059

In our old car we had a warning light for the airbag which was on through two CTs and it didn't fail.  The date is from the date of the old CT or date of registration whenever in the month not necessarily the end.

George Canning 1404163879

The date for the next test is on the paperwork that you get and on your carte grise. The vignette is just for the gendarmes to look at for a quick check but they'll want the papers if they stop you.

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