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I've been living here 4 years and never exchanged my U.S. drivers license for a French one!  I tried today, and was told it was too late and I would have to go to driving school and take the French test to get a permis de conduire. Not happy about this ):  I have been driving for 40 years....Has anyone experienced this before?  Advice?  I was told I probably won't need many hours of instruction, hopefully, as it is very expensive.  Would appreciate any comments/advice.  I am in Aude if anyone knows a good school/instructor.  Thanks!

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chèvrefeuille 1509567266

Which state did you pass your test in? Not all US licences can be exchanged anyway.

Chef-492743 1510076625

Renew your US Licences

richard2244 1514464408

Good Morning.

I have some American friends in the same position. Licences  some states are recognised by France and a simple swap from US to France is all you need.

If you are not one of those then there is an English speaking driving school in Montpellier who can help with the tuition, paperwork and sit in with you during the exam to help with translation.

Hope that helps

rebeccann 1515421927

Thanks everyone for your replies.  I am still working on researching this.  Yes, my U.S. license is one that is exchangeable, and yes it is still valid.  I tried to exchange it at the Prefecture in October, but was told it has to be done in the first year I was living here.  I am on my 4th year living in France with my French partner.  It is unfortunate, because I have a Visa that does not allow me to work in France, so I travel to the U.S. to work and visit family often, where I own a car and must drive while I am there.  It is frustrating first, that I didn't know this exchange option was available and that I didn't do it my first year living here (my fault, certainly), but wish I still could.  It is such a hassle and expensive.  My French and French driving skills are much better now that they were 3 years ago!  C'est la vie (:

ValDa (Aude) 1515440286

Do you actually need to exchange your licence?  Britains living in France can continue to drive on their British driving licence until it expires when they are 70.  The only exception is if you are convicted of a driving offence which involves 'points' when you must exchange it for a French licence.  Is this not the case for those holders of USA licences which are 'exchangeable' (ie valid in France)?

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