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While we were away from our holiday home burglars broke in and stole our car and a 400cc scooter. My French insurance broker thinks because I purchased a disc lock for the scooter not a chain lock AXA the insurance company will not payout anything !!!!       Looking at similar cars on  our car was worth around12000 euros.  On asking the VW dealer from whom I purchased the car new ,they say using the industry norm of Argus professionel  we will only be offered 5000 euros !!     Have any members had similar problems ? To top it all our UK insurance company say they will not payout if we can not produce receipts !!

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Hi Ian,You don't mention anything about a report from the gendarmes.You need to be very clued up when you talk to the loss adjuster from axa.And  yes you will need original receipts of everything for the claim or they will give you 10% if you are lucky and have photos.Good paperwork and the smarts are the order of the day,They take no prisoners, you need to be tough! Are you mentioning an english insurance because your car was english on holiday.I think others could help you get  ready for this              if you could provide more info.I know it's private and hurtful and makes  you not want to trust your neighbours,but needs must

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Thanks for your reply.  It is a French Car and French Suzuki  Burgman 400 cc scooter.

Both insured by AXA . I have 23 years no claim bonus with them !!! The Gendarmes have been excellent.

The house and contents are insured in the UK as we have difficulty in obtaining house insurance both in the UK and France as we can leave either unoccupied for 

six months at a time.

It is the car value that is the problem it cost New in 2007  32000 euros.

and the scooter with this bizarre lock clause in the contract.

On the lighter side I received a speeding fine after the car was stolen and our telepeage  device was charged 15 euros for the trip !!!!!

Any other tips would really help, me thank you again


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You can obviously haggle over the value of the car by producing evidence of other cars of similar year/value.
As for the bike lock, my AXA policy states quite clearly what the requirements are. The lock must be to a certain standard but it does not specify a chain lock. This is nothing specifically French. UK policies often contain similar clauses about locks required.

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Thanks for you comments Bandy, The irony of the bike lock is over 20 years old !!
My French Insurance agent told me I needed to buy a bike lock and give her a copy of the invoice. This I did, I chose a high quality disc lock, The insurance agent still has the invoice. Over the years AXA has changed the small print in the insurance documents BUT !!!!! have not sent me any updated policy documents.
All of a sudden when I make a claim I am flooded with new policy documents. Post contractual conditions in the UK ? But what does it mean in the Napoleonic Laws of France ?

Regards Ian

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