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Hi all,I am a 19-year old student in that recently moved to Montepllier. I live quite far away from most of the essentials and I am looking for a way to help myself in the transportation department. I love the availability of the trams in Montpellier but it's just not practical where I am living, especially when I don't have anywhere to get my daily needs from. I don't have a drivers license, and I know no French or time so I can't apply for that. So I was wondering if there was anything else I can use?I was researching on these and other forums about mopeds and "super light" under 50cc quad cars that could be operated without a license and with only about 7 hours of training and they sound SUPER, however, aside from that, I am lost.If I were to seek a  a super light car that doesn't need a lisence, is there any service or person who speaks English that I can turn to, to help me with all the procedures and training, if anyone knows?Otherwise, any other suggestions are welcome! 

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Wow, please excuse the terrible grammar and spelling - I swear I am usually not that bad in it. I'll keep looking for the edit button meanwhile.

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