Headlights on RH drive car

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HiHas anyone had their RH Drive car pass a CT with stickers on the original headlights ?

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chèvrefeuille 1493562010

That is an automatic fail in France.

Jason-King-899334 1494017651

I did my CT last week and yes, had to change the lights. Couldn't get second hand lights for a Ford Focus, so ended up paying $720 for the lights, fitting them, and the CT.

kudos 1497378441

hi some cars have a lever in light u can simply flipped over to change from lhd to right worth a look

Artys 1499777875

My Volvo XC90 has a switch on the dash to change the headlights I have even translated the part in the owners manual in case I get stopped by the french police to explain. 

George Canning 1499792156

@artys does it pass a CT like that or are you just a visitor?

chèvrefeuille 1500187828

I find it amusing that someone who gets stopped by the police for a headlamp infringement would rely on the manufacturer's handbook to talk their way out of a fine. As George says, a CT Certificate would be a much better bet and even that doesn't prove that a car is roadworthy once it has left the test centre. There is a huge difference between having correctly dipping headlamps and some cars' switching to flat beams. 

Do the Volvo's headlights have double headed arrows indicating that they are switchable from full LHD dip to full RHD dip or do they have a single arrow implying the dip properly one way but only switch to a flat beam the other?

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