How to legally sell a vehicle.

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I know I have done this all wrong but advice would be welcome.I arrived in France 10 yrs ago driving a UK reg converted truck/camping car. Not knowing if I would stay I didn't register it in France as I had no address. During last 10 yrs I've moved around different regions and the truck has been mostly parked off road except for my (illegal) night-time transitions. Due to lack of finance/work/residence I didn't conform to legal requirements for insurance/tax.I now have sold the truck to a Spaniard IN FRANCE and urgently need advice on how best to transfer ownership. It has no current MOT nor valid registration in UK.  Am I up a creek with no paddle? Would it be best for him to register in his home country, get it MOT/Registered in UK or navigate French Bureaucracy?

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tims2658 1495625236

Well, I'm glad I didn't bump into you.....a stupid and very dangerous state of affairs, endangering everybody. You have absolutely no chance of selling the truck legally in France (or I guess in Spain) until you get it registered will probably need a Cert of Conformity (what exactly is the truck based on?) body can re register a vehicle here without a cesession document either.

Sounds like a lot of hassle for not much return really....Tim

Deep_Thought62 1495632574

Thank you for your advice. Be assured i was VERY careful, never went faster than 50kph and kept to minor roads at night only. Sometimes exigencies over-rule compliance. Hope you never find yourself in dire poverty, it sucks.

peter green-483985 1495775861

v5 doc has part to fill in to export truck fill in with new owners details job done.Then it's his problem to reg.No v5 you will still get one from dvla even after 10 years.done this my self no probs.

bandy 1496489569

Once you have sold it it's not your concern. He won't be able to register it in his name in the UK,(nor should he) as he is not a UK resident and the vehicle has no MOT, thus cannot be taxed - a requirement on transferring ownership.
All he needs to do is to take the 'V5' and a receipt from you, then he can try and register it in Spain.
His biggest problem will be the fact that the vehicle no longer conforms to 'Type' so registration will not be at all straightforward. His best bet would be to return it to standard 'van' condition.

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