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Can anyone give me a definitive answer about compliance ? I have read a number of blogs etc and I remain confused. I have a 150 bhp Honda Fireblade. Will it have to be restricted to 105 bhp ? What is the coat of such work ? I have seen quotes of 1000 euros ! Does the headlight need changing ? I have also seen something about getting French ignition keys ??? I would appreciate advice from someone who has gone through the process recently. Thanks, Phil

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How old is the bike and does it have ABS? If it is new enough, post 2003, to have a CoC and has ABS you will be able to register it full power. If the answer to either of the questions is no you have problems. Without ABS you will only be able to register the bike if it is restricted and even then you will need the support of Honda France and they do not have a good reputation for being helpful. Have a look at for more details. The headlight has to comply for driving on the right. As there is currently no CT for motorcycles most people do not bother to change them and rely on what they claim is a flat dipped beam. French ignition keys? That's a new one to me.

I registered my full power Honda about 6 weeks ago. The process was straightforward as it had a CoC provided by Honda in the UK and ABS. 

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the law is changing but hasn't yet I tried to do my Honda vfr 800 and had no joy and would cost so much its better to buy one over here that's my opinion

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The law changed on 1st January 2016 and became 'live' in April after the terms were published in the National Journal. If you had trouble with your VFR you either tried before the Prefecture computers were updated or it does not fit the other criteria eg ABS. My ST1300 was registered without trouble.

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Thanks chèvrefeuille

It looks like I will be selling my elderly Fireblade as it was first registered in 1991. I don't relish the thought of getting it restricted and ABS ! No. 



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