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I dont want to advertise but I have just had my car changed from a UK one into a french one , I was worried the paper work would be a night mare and arrived at my local garage in Villeneuve Minervois  to ask for their help, the office lady was wonderful and took it all out of my hands , she did everything all the paper work the visit to the prefecture all the work that needed doing on the car , took the car to its MOT ...and finally got my new plates and fitted them ... the bill arrived today and it was half what I was expecting all the time she kept in touch with me via email to let me now what was happening ... Marvelous service Im well impressed  

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romakayak 1434720547

If what i am told and have read on various forums is true then it is usually very beaurocratic trying to register a foreign vehicle here. So, that means you were blessed to have it done for you and I congratulate you for that, well done!

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