Info required after buying a used car.

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Hello.   Firstly, apologies if this has been asked before, BUT just bought a used car with all relevant paperwork done French registered etc. Went to the local sous prefecture who assisted and have got the new Certificat d'Imatriculation back in my name (2 days!!!) My questions are, the new certificate has a different number so I assume new plates are in order, but what about the control technique? it will still be in the old number, so what happens there? Anyone got the answer, thanks in advance.

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We thought that when we changed to French reg but were told as it will have been already changed in Paris we do not have to do anything until the next C T  is done.

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That would seem to be a terrific idea. Hope that's the case.

Thanks for your info.

regards Dave.

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We had the same.  Nothing needed until the next CT. 

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Thanks everyone. For a pleasant change no paperwork to do.


Regards Dave.

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