Insurance for english plated vehicles

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Can anyone recomend an insurance company that can insure our english plated car whilst we get the papers etc ready for French registration. Thanks

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I use Allianz but often change providers for a better deal. Why not just go into a broker's office or two and see if they can offer something tempting.  You can tailor most policies to give the cover you need and exclude things you don't want.  Lots of options, and it doesn't matter that it's on UK plates as long as you genuinely are starting the registration process.

tims2658 1423937923

Most French insurers will give you cover but will certainly expect the registering in France to be done in 3 long as the vehicle is capiable of getting a manufacturers Cert of Conformity and has LHD headlight it will be an easy process..

The cars that are very much harder to register are "grey" imports from outside the EC (ie Japan) and cars whose manufacturers have gone to the wall since they were made (ie MG/Rover/LDV etc) but are less than 30 years old. These vehicles are difficult to obtain a Cert of Conformity.    Tim

LRV24 1424995687

Until you car is French registered it should really be completely legal in the UK so that means UK insurance.

lapierre-499129 1425026163

Thanks for the advice.

All done now, and on the way to french registration. Legal at last!!!

lisajanesalmon 1425329349


insured us on UK plates for year and for the same as we paid in UK

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