Laws on Scooters?

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Hi, I've just moved here from the UK and would like to know where french law stands on people with full UK driving licences riding scooters? Do you need to sit a test? If not how long can you ride it for on your UK licence? And what CC can you ride on a UK licence? Can anyone please help me? Cheers, Matt.

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GUSTOPH 1398333112

Hi   I can tell you how my son got his 50cc licence at age 14 -  but not sure if this will apply to you -   students sit the highway code in school free of charge -  then he went to a driving school in Limoux and over a course of 4 days at an hour / 2 hours each time took the motorbike/scooter driving licence which then cost 150 euros.   This is why you see so many young teenagers on scooters and motorbikes.   We are in such a rural area he didnt have to cope with alot of traffic on the roads.   He has an excellent road sense and we didnt need to be constant chauffers.  Alot of people dont approve of the young motorbike licence age here but we find the young drivers to be in general very responsible and also the insurance is far cheaper here than the UK for young drivers.   For an adult already with a full driving licence I would suggest asking at your insurance agents -  depending on how much french you speak you could ask at the driving school before going to the Prefecture.   As far as I know your licence willl cover a scooter as in the uk but alot of the drving test rules have just changed over the last year.   I hear french citizens wanting to take their original car driving licence now have to spend a days course on a military base and take first aid courses -  but dont quote me on that my youngest son told me !

George Canning 1398444616

Up to 125 on permis B which is car licence. Same rules would apply to a scooter as a car as regards UK licence i.e ok unless you infringe and lose points when you may be required to change.

kiwiana-499940 1398468933

i ride a 49cc and I do not need a licence to do so. If you are over a certain age... you also do not need to attend any safety courses. 

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