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Does anyone know of a car parts dealer in France that may be able to get a windscreen for an LDV Convoy. They are no longer manufactured in France or anywhere else for that matter but there are a number of suppliers of old stock parts around Europe somewhere. The other possibility is getting one off ebay uk but carriage is a problem as the seller says 'pick up only'. So, second question, does anyone know a reasonably priced courier that could pick up and deliver from UK to near Perpignan?

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babyrhino 1468961072

There are quite a few parts dealers online but not sure if they would be able to cover this. I have just used Mister Auto for left hand drive headlamps for a 1998 Saab so older / unusulal vehicles are catered for

Give them a try or just Google what you are looking for.

tims2658 1469382911

Hi LDV wasn't sold as an LDV here it was a DAF.....most w/screen people should be able to aupply...theres a bloke here with a garden full of DAF /LDV vans being broken. I doubt anybody will supply by post ....(Anduze area 30140) Tim

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