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Hi all, we are planning a 2 week holiday in either November or January.  We live near Narbonne and hope to hire a campervan for a trip down to Spain.  Can anyone suggest a good rental place in the Narbonne or Beziers region?  Or if anyone has a campervan and would like to rent it to us?  I have a clean licence and comperhensive french insurance.  We have lived here for 10 years and have a restaurant business here so you can be sure we won't run away with your vehicle! 

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babyrhino 1476511024

There are a number of sites where you can rent from the owners directly which potentially give you a better choice of different types of vehicle than a rental company and a better chance of it being "cherished" than a rental vehicle. Google something like "Louer camping car particulier" and they will come up. The most professional looking is jelouemoncampingcar.com - I have no connection with them but the site is better constructed than some and there is a good range of vehicle types around Narbonne (18 or so vehicles).

Might be worth a look - insurance is generally included and this is often the most difficult aspect to sort out.

babyrhino 1476511389

Forgot to say - they also tend to come in different ages and condition - some interesting comparisons to be done on the prices they are asking compared to what you get! As an experienced camping car-ist my preference is for the Integrale type - would be called an A Class in the UK - as you get much more cab room and an overall feeling of spaciousness. These are the ones that have specially built bodies, including cabs, rather than having the normal van cab with a specialist body behind. But you pays your money and you takes your choice!

Vendee Hearts-545425 1476536901

thanks Babyrhino!  really helpful!  Will start looking

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