Parking needed near Carcassonne Airport

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I am flying out of Carcassonne next week and need to leave my car for a week.  I have so far been unable to secure a parking reservation and would appreciate any advice/suggestions regarding locations that may have space available.  Thanks.

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babyrhino 1469632523

I don't think there is any pre-booking or discount sites available, you just turn up and park and then pay when you leave. The one immediately outside the terminal, P1, is now short term only so don't go in there. P2 and P3 would be £44 and £40 respectively for a week and there is plenty of space generally.

A lot of people used to park across the road and in the streets round the closed down Audi garage but now the car hire has moved there I don't think that will be possible anymore as they were steadily putting parking restrictions on.

Jane-Baird-865550 1469651111

Thanks for your response babyrhino.  I wasn't aware of that there are three parking areas at the airport, it is good to know.


babyrhino 1469699393

It has all changed quite recently and even the quick drop off and pick up outside the terminal is restricted so that you are encouraged to use the 30 minutes free in P1 - have a look on the aeroport de carcassonne website to see where parking 2 and 3 are. Parking 2 is on the site of the previous car hire area if you knew where that was.

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