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HELP We're having a devil of a job trying to replace a rear window in our Rapido Camping car for a reasonable price. The quotes received have been eye wateringly high.  Has anyone had a similar challenge? We're in the Limoux area Many thanks...  

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fiveonetoengland 1391205915

I know a great mobile english speaking mechanic who Im sure could help, contact me if you want his details

veronique-904286 1391426672

Many thanks for replying to our plea for help with replacing the rear window in our camping car and YES  please, I would like the details of an english speaking mechanic...

Kind regards


micknmo 1391430615

We had a Hymer and the front scrren went, we gave up in France went back to UK and combined it with a holiday, the difference in price was 2000 euros!!!


veronique-904286 1391534633

I'm begining to realise what you mean, the price of labour is outrageous! Brings to mind the term

'they have seen me coming'!!

Thanks for your response.

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