Re-registering a car in France on Spanish plates

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Hi, Can anyone advise me please.  I am moving to France with a Spanish registered car with new MOT and all up-to-date Spanish documentation .  Is it a simple process to re-register the car on French plates and is it a complicated procedure. Many thanks.    

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micknmo 1406483092

We registered our Spanish Freelander, you need to get a Controle Technique (Freanch MOT) and a certificate of conformity ( ours was in the back of the handbook)  make sure the Impot is setled and then take all documentation to a Prefecture, you will thern get a CArte Gris ( however we had to pay 430 euors to get ours !!!) depends on the vanue of the car I think.  Hope it helps  Mick./

ARNJAY-818481 1406493076

Thanks Mick fir that info. Very helpful.

elmpark 1406980361

good morning ARNJAY.  have just seen your listing.  we used to live in france and had our english car french plated.  it is a 1998 ford galaxy, manual, diesel, 7 seater with tow bar.  we live in the javea area of spain and hope you dont mind me asking would you be interested in a swap, as i am after a spanish car, but of course not sure what car you have and of course something can be worked out. the controle technique is valid till october.  hope you didnt mind me asking.  kind regards carol

Sola178 1407057763

Why the €430!!! shock? It was a one off payment that will work out much cheaper thana paying for an annual road tax.

Carrera-482086 1407751335

The sequence is first to obtain the certificate of conformity, preferably from the French site of the manufacturer. This can cost anything from around £140, for my Audi to nothing for my BMW. It is only when you have this can you proceed to the Control Technique, as they must see the cert of conf before they will carry out the inspection. A visit to your local Tax office will enable you to get the form confirming all taxes have been paid, providing the car is from the EU and VAT has been paid on original purchase.

Then take your documents, including the UK V5 to the prefecture, with a completed application form, obtainable online, it is a Cerfa form, can't remember the number, and your Carte Griseofulvin will be issued.

the cost varies from department to department but the Aude is 40euros per CV plus a small tax.

ARNJAY-818481 1407751675

Thank-you everyone for your help, particularly Carrera for giving me so much detail.

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