Re-registering English registered car in France.

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Hi. Can anyone advise me please - we will be bringing our English-registered to our residence in the Languedoc, We are planning to re-register it for French plates but we will be spending 6 months, probably more, during the year in Spain. The question is: do the same rules apply in France as in the uk that you can only spend 6 months in another country before it has to be re-registered in that country or, is there more leniency between France and Spain. Any info/advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks. ARNJAY.....

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George Canning 1394297996

You won't become a Spanish resident just by being there 6 months. If as you say your reidence is in France then you will remain French resident so no worries with your newly French registered car.

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Strictly speaking, you are obliged to register your car in any EU country in which you remain for 6 months or more so you may find that you are told to re-register the car if by chance you are stopped by the Police or Customs.

Also, if you are driving on French Insurance, the usual rules of lending your car to someone else will not apply whilst in Spain.

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