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Hi, We are looking to re-register our UK car asap and have been advised to fill in a Quittus Fiscale in Limoux - please can anyone advise on where the place in Limoux is? Thanks v much

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micknmo 1384329564

Last time we had to register a car the Prefecture in Limoux told us it didn't deal with this anymore, so we had to go to Carcassonne.

Jools-497184 1384618656

We HAD to go to Limoux for a Quittus Fiscal to French register our UK car, you need to go to the main office in Limoux which is behind the market hall and near the Post Office, it's really easy to find, you'll need all your documentation and passport plus electric bill as they WON'T let you any further at the Prefecture in Carcassonne without it. 

Jools-497184 1384618760

Aude: Limoux 
At: 12 rue du Palais, 11304 Limoux
Open: 8:30-12:00 and 13:30-16:00


Here's the details

Mjtay 1384642175

you get the form from the Hotel de Impots (Tax office) behind the covered market. 

fermboy 1385422992

 bit late with this,but if you have not already made progress you can download the application from On the same page you willfind the explanatory notice which lists all the 'evidence' you need. take the wholelot toyour Mairie together with a 'blank' addressed, signed dated cheque............easy peasy! Bon chance!

Pussycat-914972 1386594725

...and don't forget to take a blood and urine sample, and be prepared to donate one (or sometimes two) of your kidneys.

Only joking, but the point is to take every conceivable document with you because you can bet they'll ask for it!  :) 

It is actually easier now to go through the process (because the EU ticked off the French for making it so hard).



TASKER-497318 1389697140

our mayor did everything for us -   but I did need to go to Limoux prefecture for additional paperwork 

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