Registering a UK car in France using the new web site

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Registering a UKregistered car in Franceusing the new web site.Does anybody know how to apply to re-register a UK car in France. I cannot do this as I am not a French Income Tax payer and Ido not fill in yearly tax return. I have a Tax Ref for my Taxe Fonciere andHabitation, that`s all. My local Taxe office cannot help me. I have sent secure messages to the web siteand they either ignore or just refer me back to FranceConnect. My local Taxoffice confirmed I cannot do this myself.I have all the paperwork and the Fishe Quital.To log into the new web site is easy enough but I cannot goany further as I need to connect using FranceConnect. Is there another way or can somebody do this for me as athird party?

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You can get someone who is able to log onto the site to do it for you or you can pay to use a third party like a garage or spares outlet.

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