Registering an English car in Beziers/Valras Plage area.

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Hello,   During the summer I intend to register a English registered December 1993 car. The car is currently in Rep. of Ireland and I have received a certificate of permanent export, V561, for the DVLA. I also have the V5C for the vehicle. I would appricate any information regarding the transfer/re-registering of the vehicle acknowledging that most people have vehicle documentation in their name.    Thank you for your assistance,   Yours sincerely   Ivan Shannon

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Hello Ivan, we have registered 3 cars in total now in Beziers and the first thing we found which was needed which took a while to get is the certificate of conformity.  For example for our Vauxhall it was General Motors. Dont know if anything is particularly different from Ireland with regard to the process, wouldnt have thought so.

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Thanks for your message,

Does the certificate of conformity need to be in french?



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It doesn't really matter where the vehicle is located if it's registered in the UK that's enough. The certificate of conformity will be issued by the manufacturers French head office - usually in Paris. With a lot of manufacturers you can make the request online.  It will cost around €100. You will also need to get a Controle Technique certificate. It's all fairly simple really and should take about  4-6 weeks. The first car I reregistered here took the best part of a year !

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