Responsible Driver wanted to drive small car from UK to Aude or close enough

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Will pay all expenses flight overnight  accommodation fares fuel - to take UK reg right hand drive Peugeot 206cc convertible from UK to Aude or thereabouts I will add the named driver to the insurance, car in my name on the V5,  all documents complete etc No messers cowboys or chancers please just do not need it. Good little job for someone who has time on there hands, no rush on my part, accommodation the other end - either UK or France to rest before return or set off. Anyway bit of a long shot but there it is car quite small two seater but decent boot size except when electric metal roof is folded down. Contact Joe I am in UK so ready to meet collect and do. 

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chèvrefeuille 1500810838

Will you be accompanying the driver? If not no French resident can legally drive your car.

Sue-Flowers-897017 1500887187

Well it is mostly English people on this site so that shouldn't be an issue. good Job you mentioned it though. 

chèvrefeuille 1501067298

Yes, but most English people who use this site are French residents.

le pomme 1501524343

Not so many have homes here but travel back and forth,good luck with your ad

tina-caboor-906352 1501688827

Hi there, would be interested, if you are still looking!



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