secondhand sale buyer may want refund!

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I sold my UK reg motorhome to a frenchman a month ago. It was advertised on leboncoin and he knew it had to be re registered. He paid cash after carefully checking it over and we filled out all the relevent forms etc. Now he is having problems getting it registered in France because it needs an official Ford weight plaque but he cant find it on the chassis nor do i know if it even has one. He is now hinting that he will return it to me and ask for a refund. I have been open and honest before the sale but I dont know where i stand in French law. Do I have to give a refund a month after a secondhand vehicle has been sold? In England its a case of buyer beware!

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skiddy-483028 1424505273

Go and ask your Marie and ask where you stand ... He has probally had his holiday and dosnt need it now ...

richard2244 1424505305



Are you sure it has to be an official Ford weight plaque? When I registered my Morgan here they wanted a certificate poid vide. I got one free of charge from a local scrap metal merchant and it was acceptable.


Good Luck.

romakayak 1424511436

On the v5c it states the weight as 2850 kg but apparently all the British paperwork means nothing.I think I will seek legal advice on the subject.

romakayak 1424715233

I went to the police here in Beziers and asked about if i am obliged to refund the buyer after four weeks, they said no i am not and that the buyer knew the registration had to be changed. I took a second opinion from my bike insurer and he gave the same answer.

If anyone wants to buy a motorhome with uk plates well under the normal price i can put you in touch with the current owner..


maybug-988366 1424719014

What a nightmare! I always give a written receipt Sold as described and tested. Both parties to sign


I will now also do it in French just in case. Did you know they can also reverse the payments through PayPal on Le Bon Coin - Take cash or cheque



Gleber 1424726704

The handbook should have the weight plaque information. The weight plaque on the Hobby motor home we had was under the bonnet just above the radiator. 

romakayak 1424795993

The logbook v5c has the full vehicle identification number and also the weight of the van at 2850 kgs max. I put the vin number into a website and found the full history of its build, where when and by ford in Germany. But the buyer is saying i deliberatly sold him the van without an official Ford weight plaque but i never saw one in the three years i owned it.

Its upsetting for me because i am a former diesel mechanic and i replaced everything that could possibly go wrong, clutch, brakes pumps etc, etc.

I still have an ad on this site going somewhere so if anyone wants it an under €4000 then it will be a bargain. I bought a house here in Beziers a few weeks ago and i no longer need a motorhome nor is this street wide enough to safely park it plus i am no longer insured to park it on a public road.

Its all down to the frustrating French process of registering the vehicle that has caused all this trouble but there are ways around these problems if only i was fluent in French.

maybug-988366 1424816407

Tell him to resell it himself - Sold as seen!


French Police are on your side! Sounds like he's just changed his mind or just used it for a month!


Stick to your guns - Simple If he wants a refund it's going tpo be for half for all the inconvience caused!

LRV24 1424995290

I'm sure that I've read that only licences motor traders may sell foreign registered vehicles. Be careful of any comeback.

romakayak 1425024548

But there are sellers on this site, eBay and le bon coin selling foreign reg vehicles as privateers in France. The law would have to be clear and known by all to be effective.

catweasel-491247 1425312041

i believe the paper he refers to , is not free , but obtainable..  Make every effort to help with that because  If he talks lawyer ;  refund him straight away as he will win and it will cost you a lot more.

Bryan Jones 1425320025

Having re registed two vans yours looks to be an old one so it will be a lot of hassel to re register your one, and i can understand him wanting to get shot of it , he should have looked into it more carefully before his purchase, at lest those that see this will think twice before going down this route, best of luck to you for a happy outcome

romakayak 1425337058

The latest on my side is that i have purchased a Ford VIN plate. I will stamp the weights and 17 digit VIN number onto the plate and add the colour codes too. This is what all the fuss is about, no VIN plate from the Ford factory in Germany. Even though i have done nothing wrong i do intend to help out becuase he says he really likes the van but is in a difficult situation without the Ford vin plate and the weights stamped onto it. 

I would have prefered he had done some research before buying the van and avoid all this trouble. If iknew before the sale what i know now i would have returned it to the UK and sold it there with 12 months MOT, this i still may have to do if the sous prefecture in Beziers tell me tuesday i am at fault.

romakayak 1427016147

The VIN plate was made by Bretagne Plaques and sent to the owner of the van in GAP.

He sent the plaque and relevent details to Ford but they say the plaque is not original and it can not be registered in France.

So the owner has emailed me to say he wants me to go to GAP, 280 kms from Béziers, refund him his money and take the van away. I offered to refund him by cheque and meet him at Montpellier railway station. The alternative is that he says he will sue me and his advice on the law comes from friends and family who work in the police and that I will lose the case and it will be costly.

But there must be some kind of law in France that oversees the private sale of car,vans etc. wacarefully advertised as having UK plates that would need to be changed to French plates.

montouliers-534483 1427020428

Don't panic , just wait for things to happen , out of curiosity can you put a link on here to the original advertisement the vehicle was purchased through?


romakayak 1427026806

It was advertised onwww.leboncoin.for in January this year , that is the website it was sold through as a private sale.

Also on angloinfo

91figaro 1427062847

I think ir was wise of montouliers to ask about the original ad.It does say that the camping van is european spec.There's no fudging that.I know it's painful,but I would jump out of the deal,

romakayak 1427064326

The buyer has emailed me tonight. We have agreed that he returns the van this week, i will refund him cash plus diesel. Later i will take it back to the uk and get it through the MOT then sell it.

The next problem is that i followed the V5/ logbook rules and returned the section that says the vehicle has been permanantly exported. I will phone the local DVLA office and explain, i hope they use common sense and dont ask me to reregister in the UK all over again.

So much for a better life in the south of France!

LRV24 1427067277

If you have returned the permanently exported slip the DVLA WILL make you re-register it in the UK.

romakayak 1427836696

I collected the van from montpellier gare and returned to sete where i was working for the day. My bike was left at the station in sete so that was returned to beziiers first at the end of the day then i cought a train from beziers back to sete the same evening and collected the van. The headlights did not work so i held the high beam on and got home that way, sorry to most of the oncoming traffic!

The next day i drove to the north of Bordeaux and stopped the night afetr repairing the lighting system. Next morning i continued to roscoff where i stayed the night in brittany ferries car park. Met my brother sat morning and he returned it to my other home in england. It will be MOT,d etc and sold there.

Took the bus to morlaix sunday morning to find the code for my e-ticket would not be accepted by the machine despite having paid €200 at a beziers travel agent. I had to pay another €103 to the inspector who then gave me a receipt including details of the code fault. I eventualy got to the gare de Lyon in Paris where the next machine refused to give me my second ticket to beziers. I asked at the ticket hall and the lady gave me the ticket and explained i would have to get a refund from the agency in beziers. Monday morning i went to the agency only to be told i could not be refunded unless SNCF refund them first and it will take three weeks for that.

Never buy an e-ticket from a travel agency!

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