Selling former UK Golf now on French plates , back in UK

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I have driven my Golf back to the Uk where I am here for a month . I have bought another used car and wish to sell my 2005 Golf tdi. I am the original owner since new and registered it in France 5 years ago when I moved to live full time. Has anyone any experience of doing this and any ideas what is the best way to sell it. I'm only asking about £ 500 . Pity I can't get it back to France as has a year's CT on it still. 

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ValDa (Aude) 1503298407

I might be interested and have sent you a personal message.


DRM-496799 1503304880

Could you say what year it is and have a look as to how many miles it's done,please

sandjo1 1503309284

sorry Val, can't access your message to reply. 

The car has done 180,000 miles and has some scratches and dents to the bodywork , air con just stopped working too and not the gas, hence the low price. I should put in on classifieds with photos. Trouble is I have to leave UK to return to Languedoc around September 5th. 

ValDa (Aude) 1503330854

Thanks.  Please can you email  me further details and photos on  One of  my sons would be able to come and have a look at it, depending on whereabouts in the UK you have the car. 

ValDa (Aude) 1503471168

Haven't had an email yet. 

sandjo1 1503942225

Response to DRM - Car is 2005 tdi 3 dr , has done 180,400 miles. The air con is not working  , CT until Sept 2018. RHD 

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