Transfer of Ownership of UK Reg Vehicle in France

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I know I have done this all wrong but advice would be welcome.I arrived in France 10 yrs ago driving a UK reg converted truck/camping car. Not knowing if I would stay I didn't register it in France as I had no address. During last 10 yrs I've moved around different regions and the truck has been mostly parked off road except for my (illegal) night-time transitions. Due to lack of finance/work/residence I didn't conform to legal requirements for insurance/tax.I now have sold the truck to a Spaniard IN FRANCE and urgently need advice on how best to transfer ownership. It has no current MOT nor valid registration in UK.  Am I up a creek with no paddle? Would it be best for him to register in his home country, get it MOT/Registered in UK or navigate French Bureaucracy?

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