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I know I have done this all wrong but advice would be welcome.I arrived in France 10 yrs ago driving a UK reg converted truck/camping car. Not knowing if I would stay I didn't register it in France as I had no address. During last 10 yrs I've moved around different regions and the truck has been mostly parked off road except for my (illegal) night-time transitions. Due to lack of finance/work/residence I didn't conform to legal requirements for insurance/tax.I now have sold the truck to a Spaniard IN FRANCE and urgently need advice on how best to transfer ownership. It has no current MOT nor valid registration in UK.  Am I up a creek with no paddle? Would it be best for him to register in his home country, get it MOT/Registered in UK or navigate French Bureaucracy?

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Hi does anybody know of anyone who does Airport runs. I need a transfer from Bezier airport to La Redorte on 13/08/2010 there are 4 of us. Thanks

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Hi! I'm returning to the UK in a few days and my parents are coming to look after my house while i'm away! the problem is they arrive after i leave - they don't speak any french! i don't want them to get ripped off in a taxi! Does any one know anybody who runs an english speaking service to the airport? Our house is about 45 mins drive from the airport! tinks

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Looking for a lift from Beziers airport or Beziers itself on Tuesday 14 August after 13.00 to Vieussan or villages en route - Roquebrun, Cessenon. Will contribute to cost of petrol. Alternatively, anyone know of a good value taxi service ?. Buses do run but involve waiting a few hours and only a few go as far as Roquebrun.

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Urgently looking for someone who can drive 2 people from the train station in Castelnaudary to the Lac St Ferreol tomorrow evening, April 30 2017.  We have this need about 3 or 4 times a month in summer.  So anyone who has a clean car, please reply!

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HelloI lost a hubcap (enjolivier in french) from my car and am wondering if anybody knows the best kind of place in general either online or onsite to get a new one. e,g. Bricos, autoparts shops, websites etc ?

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Hello,For moving my car back to UK, I need to use a specialised transport company that can carry cars, like a trailer or transporter. This because the car is no longer UK registered, so I can't just drive it back myself. Does anyone know such company that I can contact for transporting cars over to UK?Many thanks,Rico

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We are a british retired couple who live in heirault area and wondered if anyone down here who have a boat they are not using ,and wouldnt mind a few months rent out of peak season for reasonable cost, from experienced boaters on canals , Just an idea but we do know lots of people maybe for health or family reasons or even have it  up for sale and aren't  using their boat and rather than have it sat, To be having it responsibly used would be a better alternative.

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My husband bought a second hand car a few weeks ago from a registered dealer. He left our old car with the dealer to sell  (he would not do part exchange).   During the first few days, a couple of times, there was no response when we tried to start the new car.  We thought it might be something to do with the key and immobiliser and as it started after a few attempts we assumed it was just something we needed to check out and were not unduly worried.  A couple of weeks later we drove the car to Spain for a short break, taking our my elderly mother-in-law who lives with us.  On the second morning, the car would not start and after repeated attempts, we contacted the garage who advised us to contact our insurance company and get the car taken to the nearest VW garage.  This was done only for us to be told by the VW garage that they couldn't even look at it for 10 days!!  Eventually we got the seller to come and collect the car and bring our trusty old car back to us.  We had to get a taxi to the garage (half an hour and 30€ away).   Having used the insurance recovery allowance for the initial trip, we were not covered for the car's recovery back to France. This all happened nearly a month ago.  In spite of there being a three-month guarantee on the car, the dealer has tried to say it was an 'act of God' (small storm the night before the car wouldn't start!) and we have had to argue the case.  Now he is saying that he has to wait for a second hand part to come in (or we could pay an additional 2,000€ for a new part.)  We are absolutely disgusted with the level of "service" - the dealer asked my husband to come and see him (45 mins drive from our home) and he was met by the dealer's father who tried to wriggle out of any responsibility.  He never rings us to keep us updated and seems to be completely indifferent to us.  We now just want our money back and nothing more to do with these people but are not sure if we have a legal right to demand a refund.  Does anyone know??

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This forum is for discussing motoring (and biking!) in Languedoc-Roussillon -----Forums Administrationforums@angloinfo.com

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Hi all, we are planning a 2 week holiday in either November or January.  We live near Narbonne and hope to hire a campervan for a trip down to Spain.  Can anyone suggest a good rental place in the Narbonne or Beziers region?  Or if anyone has a campervan and would like to rent it to us?  I have a clean licence and comperhensive french insurance.  We have lived here for 10 years and have a restaurant business here so you can be sure we won't run away with your vehicle! 

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Can anyone give me a definitive answer about compliance ? I have read a number of blogs etc and I remain confused. I have a 150 bhp Honda Fireblade. Will it have to be restricted to 105 bhp ? What is the coat of such work ? I have seen quotes of 1000 euros ! Does the headlight need changing ? I have also seen something about getting French ignition keys ??? I would appreciate advice from someone who has gone through the process recently. Thanks, Phil

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I am looking for a specialist who can analyse engine management problems, specifically light pressure turbo SAAB, but anyone with specialist expertise would be useful.  Willing to travel in region of Carcassonne, Narbonne, Toulouse.  

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For those of you travelling to Calais in the near future...Protesters near Calais have blocked the A16 so access to the Calais port/Eurotunnel is very limited today (Monday 5 Sept 2016). The protesters are demanding that the French government set a date by which "The Jungle" camp in Calais will be dismantled and cleared, and vow to protest until a date is set, so it's unknown at the moment when it will be called off. Alternative routes are suggested by Eurotunnel. See their website for information. Safe travels.

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I am flying out of Carcassonne next week and need to leave my car for a week.  I have so far been unable to secure a parking reservation and would appreciate any advice/suggestions regarding locations that may have space available.  Thanks.

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Does anyone know of a car parts dealer in France that may be able to get a windscreen for an LDV Convoy. They are no longer manufactured in France or anywhere else for that matter but there are a number of suppliers of old stock parts around Europe somewhere. The other possibility is getting one off ebay uk but carriage is a problem as the seller says 'pick up only'. So, second question, does anyone know a reasonably priced courier that could pick up and deliver from UK to near Perpignan?

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Anyone know of and have used a car aircon specialist in the Carcassonne / Narbonne area please? Lack of cooling and Languedoc summer don't go together!

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Hi, Anyone know of people living close to any of our local airports and the bigger city ones who operates any type of park and fly service. I noticed a discussion on this website some time ago regarding leaving the car at the house of a person named Julie who operated a service for people flying from Carcassonne.  I am looking to leave the car for 4 - 6 weeks at a time so worried about flat batteries and general security, hence the reluctance to use the airport parking.  Thanks in anticipation.

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is anybody interested in alloy wheels ? 15" 5x100 tires are more or less new rims/alloys have sings of use on them and are not brand new but are ok

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Is there anyone travelling from Carcassonne to Quillan on Tuesday 31 May with an empty car. I have friends arriving on a flight at 17:10 in Carcassonne and they are looking for a ride to Quillan. Happy to help towards fuel costs. Many Thanks

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