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Can anyone recommend a van hire company in Pezanas area. Looking for something large for a visit to Ikea.

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Hi We are moving down to South of France, from UK, 18th of May and are needing advice on how to register a Rover car, since they have gone into liquidation, so we hear, so don't know how to obtain the registration certificate. I have been on the Rover websites and have called the phone numbers on them but they are all dead. Has anybody else managed to register a Rover in the last couple of years, or has any advice of what we should do?? It is a V reg and in very good condition, so would hate to have to sell it and start looking for another one once we get to France as we'll need it asap. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Marmalade

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i am having trouble with a warning light on my renault 19 that relates to a problem with the automatic gearbox, the car drives ok for most of the time, but now and then it does not seem to be moving through the gears properly, i have had a diagnostic check done in renault but nothing showed up. any ideas!! ..... or good mechanics in the st cyprien area!!!! john scally

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Can anyone tell me is it still ok to hire a car in France on a pink driving licence . Many Thanks Im here Im there Im everywhere

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might be interested in this site. http://www.insurance4carhire.com/index.asp?addU=1&refID=324&langID=1&curID=1 You can take out an annual insurance for the collison damage waiver excess for 49GBP. If you choose to lower your excess with one of the big players it can cost you this for a couple of day's hire in some places. The excess is often between 500 and 1000GPB so it might be worth looking into if hiring during the busy and road crazy French summer months!!

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Hello there, We have recently bought a holiday house in a village near Argeles. We'd like to move one of our 2 cars out to France for use when at the holiday house but don't know whether this is possible/practicable? Our main home at the moment is still U.K. although we now have an adress in France. Would we be allowed to import the car being that we are U.K. residents? Would the situation be any different if we sold our second car here and bought a replacement in France? Thanks Liz Liz

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I got flashed on the Highway very recently and now looking for various systems legally available. Has anyone had much success with the various gps based speed camera warning devices?

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Hello. Does anyone know if the French driving licence for the 70+Age group equivalent to the english class C1 C1E for vehicles exceeding 3500Kilo(not HGV or Buses)has the same requirements as in Britain ie. renewable every three years with a medical.?I drive a Motor home exceeding 3500 with a trailer at present on a C1 C1E issued in Britain and do not know wheather I would benefit from changing to a French one which I understand does not have to be renewed every three years. p.s.

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Just discovered this and I thought it might be useful for others! This is the official gvt website... http://www.securite-routiere.equipement.gouv.fr/data/radars/languedocroussillon.htm Cheers

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Does anyone know any reliable car hire people or or individual small rental garage in the Carcassonne area please, ideally close to Salvaza airport? The Europcar prices via Holiday Autos have shot up and the only other lower cost firm seems to be Hertz via Ryanair. Car does not have to be nearly new but need it to be reliable, for several weeks usage on/off during 2007. Many thanks Martin Clark kate et martin

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I have applied for a summer job with an American company, 'Backroads'. This morning I received an email from them requesting a copy of my EU Driving Record. I've searched Google and the DVLA site but not found anything that relates. Do they just mean that they want a copy of my license or is there something else that they need to see? Thanks(",)

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I am looking to rent a coach to transport 35 people from Carcassonne Airport on 20th April 2007 to Pezenas and back again on 22nd of April. Any ideas I have tried taxis but they are very expensive. Toni

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Let's all help each other - where's the cheapest petrol to be found the the region?

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Has anyone made the road trip to Barcelona lately and can offer any tips or advice- mainly about parking and navigating the city? Any thing to watch out for? About how much are the tolls? Realistic time? General comment on Spanish driving! etc... Got some family driving down to Spain from Carc when on a visit to catch a football match at the Nou Camp and they are novices to LHD and continental driving skills (erratic, non?) and with no Spanish! Whilst I offered to drive them, i do not think that they fully appreciate the extent of my footballing knowledge ( nice legs, too much money!) so have declined and are going it alone. Can't imagine why. Anyhow, knowing French drivers better than they do, am a bit apprehensive and so any advice about getting to Barcelona greatly received. Does anyone know what parking is like around the Noucamp itself, or in fact is there actually any, how close is it to the centre of the city, would it be better to park up in the suburbs and metro in, is the driving calmer than La France and the city easy? Whilst on, if anyone has any recommendations for tourist things to keep them out of mischief pre match, that would also be handy! I went about 5 years ago and remember climbing Segrada Familia and the stunning Gaudi everything but what else can they do? Bearing in mind they are male and have very short attention spans!? Any good eats?? Will Google it but personal experiences and recommendations are always so much more useful!

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In two or three weeks time I am probably going to have to scrap my 3.5 ton van (see my other post) and would like to know a bit about this process in France. What are they called other than decheterie? Do you know of one or two in or near Narbonne? Do they pay or do I and how much is typical or is no money involved? Thankspec

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Easy question for anyone there I guess: Is my UK driving licence valid in France? Thanks! Moving soon to Montpellier, yeah!

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I am flying into Perpignan 25 July 2007, returning 8 August 2007. As our holiday home site has all facilities, I am reluctant to hire a car which we don't really need there. Need transport for 2 adults and 2 x 13 year old girls - airport has no telephone number for taxis. A private hire likely to be more economical - can anyone help?

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i am interested does anybody know how hard it is to register a polish car in France. is there any tax to pay etc...

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Hi, We have a place in St Cyprien and are thinking of buying a car there, and keeping it at Perpignan airport. Any advice on buying second hand cars and taxing/insuring etc. darrenlove

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Can anyone tell me how to buy a used car in France and whether they are about the same price as in UK. Is it better to source one from a dealer or privately? Thank you.

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