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Hi there, Does anyone know of a garage anywhere either in France or England where you can get a good part exchange for an English registered R.H.D. car for a French registered one.We will be in France within twelve months :+)

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i just got a speeding ticket through - it's 45 euros if i pay it quickly but it says i am supposed to have points put on to my license. i only have an english driving license, can the points be transferred to this?tinks

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Does anyone know of an English speaking driving instructor based in or near to BĂ©ziers?Thanks,Richard

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Is it me or are tyres more expensive in France than in the UK? They look like they are 50% more for the same make.

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Does anyone know of a secure long term parking space/garage near Perpignan airport that I can buy/rent? Or failing that, has Perpignan Airport got a long term parking rate?

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I was thinking; what a great job the french have done about their truly darwin-award-winning road death rate down to 5,000 in 2005 (annual uk road-death rate is 3,500 by comparison). then i met an interesting guy at an afal do; he's ex-motor trade and told me the french count road deaths up to 7-days after the event; in the uk it is six months after the event. so, just as i was thinking it was safe to get in the car again.......... do we need an INFOmation page to sort this one out!

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is the train station in argeles does anyone know?

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I brought my trusty nissan micra down here six months ago, I've been told if I'm staying in the area I need to change my car to French plates. How do I go about this and do i really need to do it? tinks

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I need a lift to Paris next weekend to coincide with the Six-Nations Ireland vs France, is anyone going up for the game? will pay my share of petrol, K 

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When our English Driving licences expire (we will be soon far too old!) do we have to take additional tests in France? If we change to a French driving licence are the rules different?

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We would like to re-register our old work horse of a Volvo. Can anyone tell me what documentation we will need? And where we go to to to organise the registration.

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I am 81 and have held a clean driving licence for over 50 years.For the past fifteen years my wife and I have toured France in our motorcaravan for three months in the winter. I drive about 8,000 milles annually.We have been looking to buy a house in France this year, to settle there permanently. Although I am 81 I still hold a valid, clean, UK licence.Will I be able successfully to apply for a French driving licence, subject to passing a French medical examination, if we were to take up residence in France later this year, or would I be permanently excluded from obtaining a licence in France because of my age ?We are going to France next week for our usual tour and would like to know if we can proceed to buy a house there, or just give up our dream.Many thanks in anticipation of your advice.

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