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I'm in the process of changing my registration on my car from Spanish to French but in the meantime my MOT is due and my French registration may not be completed in time.Can I get an MOT before I have my new French registration?Does anyone know please?

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Hi all,I am a 19-year old student in that recently moved to Montepllier. I live quite far away from most of the essentials and I am looking for a way to help myself in the transportation department. I love the availability of the trams in Montpellier but it's just not practical where I am living, especially when I don't have anywhere to get my daily needs from. I don't have a drivers license, and I know no French or time so I can't apply for that. So I was wondering if there was anything else I can use?I was researching on these and other forums about mopeds and "super light" under 50cc quad cars that could be operated without a license and with only about 7 hours of training and they sound SUPER, however, aside from that, I am lost.If I were to seek a  a super light car that doesn't need a lisence, is there any service or person who speaks English that I can turn to, to help me with all the procedures and training, if anyone knows?Otherwise, any other suggestions are welcome! 

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Does anyone know of van hire in France.  I have a house there and just want to hire a van for a day to get some larger items that won't fit in my car. I am 20 km north of Carcassonne. Any ideas?

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Hi all, I'm after advice on registering a car in the department when we arrive in April, we can either bring our uk volvo and re-register it or purchase a LHD French registered car here in the uk. I think i'm getting bad advice from the uk dealer (he wants to make a sale)The Lhd car is on french registration from the Loire region, will it need its registration changing as its a different department.Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Hi there I have an 2007 Astra 1.8 twin top that I'm trying to register in France and have one last issue  to overcome before I go to the expense of paying for a CoC (even though vauxhall have told me I don't need one!) The D2 "type" field on the carte gris doesn't seem to have an equivalent entry on the V5 (It's blank) and I'm hoping that someone who might already have one registered can share that code with me from your carte grise?Thanks in advanceBob

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Hi, I am looking for a garage that works with Audi's, a garage that is not the Audi dealership itself. I need a part called the Mechatronic Unit, and truly have been messed around by a garage in Beziers for over 3 months. They were guided to me via RAC, Service Auto Rapide, they have played me for over 3 months about this part telling me it will be here in 5 days, then this continues saying another week, then it arrived but it was faulty, then ohps we forgot even though they had half the downpayment. Finally I had to call it a day with them and RAC has no other suggestions to find me a garage who will do the work. Audi itself want over 4K for the part, that is not in my budget. It is double the price with them, it is not the hardest thing in the world to get, but I need a garage who works in Audi to know what they are doing. Can be Beziers, Narbonne, Carcassonne, anywhere within the region. I am based near Capestang. Any advice would be greatly appreciated if you know a garage who works with Audi's to call and see another getting this part. Thank you! Yasmin x

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We are looking for a car mechanic in Beziers area. Need fuel flush out and fuel filter change on Renault Espace (diesel). Prefer English speaking.

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Hi all Bought an old DR650 to use on local off road tracks. However, my neighbour who is a bike enthusiast and was going to assist in getting said lump running has repatriated to UK. We got the bike running on first bump start attempt and drove a few Ks but it died. Have replaced coil and new battery and a couple of seals in the carb. Any assistance offered, appreciated. Bike in Villeneuve-Minervois 11160.   Thanks

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Has anyone experienced changing a RHD car on Spanish plates to French plates?   It was a hard enough job re-registering it onto Spanish plates but we are now living in France so need to re-register again.       Any advice would be most helpful.  Thank-you.  

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OK we are now ready to change our UK licence to a French one. Has anyone done this recently  and could help with what paperwork is necessary and how long it takes.  Thanks. Mo

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Does anyone know if there has been any increase in security/passport checks/stopping traffic at the border at Le Perthus?  Or anywhere else, if anyone has used the any of the other French/Spanish border crossings recently.

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I'm having trouble getting any information on leasing cars in France. It all seems that leasing is just a little bit longer than the normal rental car whereas I want to lease a car for 2 to 3 years as can be done here in the states. Does anyone know about this and whom I might contact - a car dealer or manufacturer?

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Have been with Axa since our arrival in Dec 2008.  Fell that we are paying far too much. Does anyone have experience of changing to another company and/or can talk me thru the process please?

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Got lost in a rental vehicle Biarritz way Early July. Unknown to me i got flashed by a speed camera.. It was a vehicle paid for by my ex employer in my name. My uk licence is in my sisters uk address. She sent it straight out to me here but its already overdue and more expensive than the original 90e. Have no issues paying it but at the original amount of 90 as ive had no chance to pay it earlier. Anybody had a similar experience? Cheers all.

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Does anyone know if there is a site where I can check on what points I have on my licence? Thanks

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My husband is riding his new motorbike from the UK down to the south of France next week. He has sorted the insurance and was told by his insurer that he doesn't have to register his motorbike in France or has to have the number plates changed, is this correct? Please help my troubled husband before he drives me up the wall!

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Does anyone know which website to go on to make sure a vehicle you are buying is not stolen, apparently you put in the reg and it tells you if it is stolen.  

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I I havebeen told there're houses where I can park my car and get a lift to Carcassonne airport,does anyone know where and the cost of the the taxing and parking,

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Hello, We visit Leucate a lot and have a house and french car based there. This summer the car battery went flat and I phoned Groupama Assistance for help.  Help was arranged but 10mins later the supervisor phoned back and said as the address on the account was the Irish one help would not be provided.  The Irish address was set up by the Groupama rep for correspondance only.  No amount of explaining that the car stayed in France was any good.  So, please make sure that the address on your car insurance account is matched to a french address.  I am changing car insurance.  

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We keep our car on Perpignian airport parking during summer month, but looking to move it somewhere where is free and have transport to the airport... any suggestions are welcome ....    

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