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Greetings: I have a US license from a non-reciprocal-agreement state (Oregon).  I also have a license from Ethiopia (a reciprocal-agreement country).  Questions: 1. I live in Frontignan.  Does that mean I start the application process at the Prefecture de Police in Montpellier? or elsewhere? 2. Do I take the written test (I know it's computerized and not written, but you know what I mean) on the day I apply? or do they notify me of a testing date by letter? 3. If I'm getting notified by letter, how long is the wait generally?  I need to study, so I'd like to have a guesstimate of how much time there is between 'applying' and 'testing'. 4. I seem to be getting mixed information about where I will take the test ... some say at an auto ecole in Frontignan ... others say Montpellier at the Prefecture de Police.  Which is correct?  5. I will need a translator for the written test.  It appears that I can choose a person (friend, family, whatever) and that I don't need to hire an 'official translator'. Is this what others have found to be true? Any and all assistance/advice/support would be immensely helpful. diana    

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I applied for a French licence by going direct to the sous prefecture in Beziers about 6 weeks ago, I applied late as was deliberating whether to go back to UK .  All my papers were accepted and the lady at the desk wrote on file that it was urgent as my UK card licence expires on 8 July . I havent received the lcence so far and now have 2 days left . Do I have to back to the prefecture to get a signed paper that the application is in process just in case I am stopped by the police.  

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Hi Im wanting to know if anyone would be able to tell me the cost of full cambelt change including doing the water pump change etc, in France. Thanks  Martin Thompson.  

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Can anybody tell me the cost of a cambelt change including water pump change and tensioner , France costs. thanks

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I have just purchased an old 1992 Hymer camping car. It has a Citreon 2.5 TD engine. Does anyone know a good mechanic that could check this out and service the vehicle for me. Alternatively where is the best place to take it. Near Narbonne/Beziers/Minervois, I don't want to travel too far. Many thanks if you think you can help.

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hi my name is Damon i am driving to the uk on 26th of june leaving from the carcassonne area if anyone wants to share a lift will be leaving 8am for a 8pm ferry 

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Does anyone know where I can have alloy wheels refurbished in or around Carcassonne, and rough idea of cost please. Many thanks in advance

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I dont want to advertise but I have just had my car changed from a UK one into a french one , I was worried the paper work would be a night mare and arrived at my local garage in Villeneuve Minervois  to ask for their help, the office lady was wonderful and took it all out of my hands , she did everything all the paper work the visit to the prefecture all the work that needed doing on the car , took the car to its MOT ...and finally got my new plates and fitted them ... the bill arrived today and it was half what I was expecting all the time she kept in touch with me via email to let me now what was happening ... Marvelous service Im well impressed  

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Hi, I want to buy a scooter here (50cc) but the scooter I have found has never had a carte grise or obviously plaques (number plates)...its a one owner bike from new. Now small machines require number plates, will they automatically be allocated to the bike when it changes hand when I apply for a new ownership ? Thanks Tim

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Hi, Can anyone help with what sort of bike to buy as a first time purchase for a 60 year old ( not cycled for a good few years ) Budget up to €200 ish. Also where to buy as no Halfords!!    Thank you    Dave

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Hi I am driving back to the uk mid june 2015  if anyone wants to share a ride

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Am I the only one complaining about the fuel charge for car hire at carcassonne airport. Now if you want to hire a car you must prepay for a full tank of fuel +fees and return car empty.If you return car with fuel in it they will charge you to check it and also charge fees. What was wrong with car leaves airport full and you return car full, no fees.Surely this is breaking the law in France .Now if this was Ryanair doing something like this you all would be complaining. What you flying people think.

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Hi We are looking for a mechanic to repair BMW R80  Boxer. Has been stood for some time and now will start but not run. If anyone knows of a good bike mechanic around perpignan area I would be grateful. We actually live in Argeles.  

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Does anyone out there know if there are any 0%finance deals in buying cars around carcassonne narbonne area. I am thinking of buying new or no more than 2 year old but would prefer to pay monthly at 0% interest.thanks Noel

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I sold my UK reg motorhome to a frenchman a month ago. It was advertised on leboncoin and he knew it had to be re registered. He paid cash after carefully checking it over and we filled out all the relevent forms etc. Now he is having problems getting it registered in France because it needs an official Ford weight plaque but he cant find it on the chassis nor do i know if it even has one. He is now hinting that he will return it to me and ask for a refund. I have been open and honest before the sale but I dont know where i stand in French law. Do I have to give a refund a month after a secondhand vehicle has been sold? In England its a case of buyer beware!

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My husband and I have decided to change our English driving licence for a French one.  We followed the useful information on this site and went to the sous-prefecture this morning.  We are both in our early sixties so have the green paper English licence.  They asked for an attestation to prove that we have no points on our English licence but when we said they would be on the licence if it was not clean they said they would accept that - time will tell if that comes back and bites us.  Is there such a thing as an attestation from the DVLA.  The second thing is they have said we must have a medical by an approved doctor. of which they gave us a list.  Nowhere have we seen that a medical is necessary for a normal licence.  All the other documents we took seem to be accepted. Can anyone who has completed the process clarify whether a medical is the norm as the process can't go further until we return with the medical documents.  We thougth it was if we were applying for a poid lourds licence which is mentioned on this site. Thanks  

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Hello to everybody I was thinking about taking some driving lessons by owners of English cars. I have to go to England in the summertime but I never drove an English car and just need to practise to feel at ease with the right-hand drive and the gearshift as I'll have to hire a car. I've got my own car and I'm ready to go everywhere in the Aude "département" and I'm more than willing to pay for your time. Don't hesitate to contact me and please make an offer. I'm grateful in advance.   Eva

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Can anyone recomend an insurance company that can insure our english plated car whilst we get the papers etc ready for French registration. Thanks

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Could anyone recommend a garage that won't damage my alloy Wheel to change a Tyre Round - preferbly speaks a little English would be good! I'm just outside Quillan but will travel   Many thanks

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Does anyone know of either an english or english speaking mechanic within 25k carcassonne.

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