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hello Does anybody know for definite if a second hand car that has had a a CT contre visite must be sold within two months rather than 6 months (the normal timeframe for a CT without contre visite). I understand that if a car has had a CT contre visite, it must be CT'd again after 2 months for the sale or else the Prefecure will demand another CT before re-registering it to the new owner I would appreciate anybodys views or experience of this situation Thanks  

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I have been qouted €1570 all risk insurance for my new bike, honda transalp 600 by Allianze in Beziers. Thats a ridiculous amount to pay for 12 months with my level of no claims, 4 years. Can anyone advise on the best and and cheaper way of going about getting bike insurance for a 51 year old? thanks in advance

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We currently have our car breakdown Insurance with the same Insurance Company that insures our car. This is proving to be quite expensive. Is there an equivalent to the RAC in France? gleber

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Hi I want to buy a chair (its a Love seat) but will need it picked up from London and delivered down here to Aude (I am in Ferrals les Corbieres between Carcassonne and Narbonne) I haven't actually ordered it yet so not sure when it will be ready for collection and I am waiting to order it once I know I can get it down here and at what price - Cos if the price of delivery is too much then I won't be able to buy it ! So if anyone is planning on coming down here anyway and has some space in exchange for some payment . I will be most extreemly grateful Look forward to hearing from you thank  you Honor

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Enquiring if  anyone has information on  long Term Car Parking availability close to Carcassonne Airport

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Does anyone know a reliable person or garage able to repair a BMW boxer R80. Thanks Sue

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Hi Im driving to the uk on the 19th going into portsmouth and upto cheshire if anyone would like a lift and to sheare costs and driving frop me a line i have room for 2 places and some things to go back as well Roy 0627550479

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does anyone know of an English mobile mechanic near Bize Minervois to see if he can fix my car, as my local garage is confused by the engine! This is the third garage now. It was a very simple job to start with but I have been 'done' shall we say at the second garage. So I am looking for someone recommended please. I have a hyundai Santa fe. Many thanks.

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After my father died 3 years ago his french car was left in the garage as we were not able to get to france to sort his affairs out. The registration, carte gris, insurance etc has lapsed so the car is now illegal.  It is an old renault twingo in good condition with low KMs so it is low value. I live in Denmark  and it would be a good run around if I can get it legal and back on the road. Any ideas? As it stands we cant sell it or anything because of the lack of paperwork.

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My car failed its CT about three years ago.I didn't bother with the contra-visit.  Now I would like to get it back on the road.  Do I just take it back for a CT to find out what needs doing ?  I can't imagine that they would give me 3 months to get the work done, having already failed, however long ago.

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Hi - does anyone know if there is a service which will re-register our English car for us?  We live in the Gard and have a Lexus which we would like to register here.  Thank you!

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Hi there, Now here is a conundrum for you. A friend of mine wants to buy a car here in France to use when she is visiting. she spends a lot of time here. She stays with us and also with other friends around the south of France but officially lives in the UK. To purchase and register a french car in your name you need proof of identity [passport] and by all accounts you need to show that you are resident here at least some of the time, i.e. produce a utility bill with your name on it. So what do you do in her situation where she doesnt own a french property,and doesnt rent, one. is there anyway that she can buy a car to keep here and use when she stays? I have looked at the official websites and there is no info on this grey area. Has anyone been in the same situation?

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Hi! Anyone know of a place in the aude that does reconditioned SEAT engines as mine has just died. 5 years old and regularly maintained. Anyone suffered the same fate?   Suggestions please.

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 Does anyone know of a "tinkerer" in the Lagrasse/Lezignan area who could repair the driver's window of my Xantia ?   I can hear the mechanism working when I press the button, and reading on-line, it seems very likely it is a cable that has perished or slipped its mounting.  Replacing the mechanism totally would be costly and (almost certainly) unnecessary, and this would be the recommendation of any garage.  Many thanks.

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Does anyone know of a VW air cooled engine specialist near Limoux? I have a 1973 Type 2 camper van with a battery charging problem needing urgent attention. Many thanks. 

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I need to bring a UK registered car to France but struggling to find a French insurance company who will cover me to drive it from the UK on British plates until I can get the car transferred/imported onto French plates when I get here.  Anyone know an insurance company that will cover a non-French car temporarily? thanks

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Hello, we moved to Pezenas a few weeks ago and would be interested in renting an easily accessible carpark as close as possible to place 14 juillet, pezenas. We already have an allocated car space with our apartment but getting in or out is very impractical and as we will be having our first child in a few months time, we'd be keen for something easier to manage. Many thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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Hello, wondering if anyone is heading over to the UK within the next 2 weeks and would like some company and contribution towards fuel/peage?  Just for one person and one bag.    many thanks, Amanda

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I am trying to find out whether or not Decathlon in Carcassonne rent bikes and if so how much they charge. I gave tried emailing the store but haven't received a reply. If anyone is visiting the store I would appreciate it if you could have a look and see. We would want them for about 8 weeks in the New a Year when we come to stay for an extended break.    Thanks

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Looking for advice really. I will be moving to the area early next year and want to, initially, long term rent a car rather than buy. Any suggestions for the best company to use and approx price per month please?

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