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I need to change the headlights on my car. Last time I had to do this I found a company on here that I bought them off. But I can seem to find them. Does anyone know where i can buy some?

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We need to transport a Kabuta tractor to Charente from Anduze 30140, its 3.50 m and weighs about 500kgs. Anybody much info on self drive van hire,the web sites are terrible on Super U and others. Thanks Tim

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Looking for a motorbike that needs some TLC as a winter project. Does anyone have one in the back of their garage that's been neglected for some time? Any make or model but would prefer  bigger bike, greater than 500cc.

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Hi My son is moving into a flat near to the main train station in Montpellier and I would like some advice regarding parking a car near to this part of town from anyone who lives in the area  I haven't been able to find a map showing what colour the street parking zones are around the streets near to the main train station Perhaps it would be easier to find a car park that allows overnight parking  i understand that I cannot park overnight in the park+ tram car parks but are there any out of town places for staying for example from Friday through to Tuesday am Many thanks

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Hi, Can anyone advise me please.  I am moving to France with a Spanish registered car with new MOT and all up-to-date Spanish documentation .  Is it a simple process to re-register the car on French plates and is it a complicated procedure. Many thanks.    

started by: BigDave-883292 · last update: 1407490454 · posted: 1407416173

Hello.   Firstly, apologies if this has been asked before, BUT just bought a used car with all relevant paperwork done French registered etc. Went to the local sous prefecture who assisted and have got the new Certificat d'Imatriculation back in my name (2 days!!!) My questions are, the new certificate has a different number so I assume new plates are in order, but what about the control technique? it will still be in the old number, so what happens there? Anyone got the answer, thanks in advance.

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Hi, Does anyone know of a mechanic or just someone that is good with cars who can change my alternator for me?  I am in the Beziers area. Steve

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My controle technique runs out in September  but as no date is given I assume I have to get it done before the end of the month - is that right ? My airbag light has come on and remains on , but the electrics on my golf MK5 2005 are always playing up with odd warning lights coming on and off (such as door not shut warning   when all doors and boot firmly shut )  -- can anyone tell me if it will fail the test because of that.  Thanks 

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Hi all My fiance and I are moving down to the Carcassonne area in April... can't wait!  We are trying to decide whether to buy a left hand drive over here (from the few companies that sell them) or drive our battered car down and then buy a car.  The trouble with the latter is the expense in driving all the way south, then driving it all the way back once we have purchased something else.  We would love any advice on the pros and cons of buying a left hand drive in the UK eg re-registering it in france once we are there etc... or doesn't that need doing?  We do now own a house in France if that helps for using that address etc Many thanks, from snowy-old-England.  

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How do you know when a garage is telling the truth when they claim a number of things are needing changing/replacing, when you go there with one problem.  Is there anywhere to get advice about this sort of thing.

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Hi, I've just moved here from the UK and would like to know where french law stands on people with full UK driving licences riding scooters? Do you need to sit a test? If not how long can you ride it for on your UK licence? And what CC can you ride on a UK licence? Can anyone please help me? Cheers, Matt.

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Hello,   During the summer I intend to register a English registered December 1993 car. The car is currently in Rep. of Ireland and I have received a certificate of permanent export, V561, for the DVLA. I also have the V5C for the vehicle. I would appricate any information regarding the transfer/re-registering of the vehicle acknowledging that most people have vehicle documentation in their name.    Thank you for your assistance,   Yours sincerely   Ivan Shannon

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In UK it's possible to have a company such as the AA to check a car before you buy. Is there a similar situation in France? Thanks Andrew

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Hi. Can anyone advise me please - we will be bringing our English-registered to our residence in the Languedoc, We are planning to re-register it for French plates but we will be spending 6 months, probably more, during the year in Spain. The question is: do the same rules apply in France as in the uk that you can only spend 6 months in another country before it has to be re-registered in that country or, is there more leniency between France and Spain. Any info/advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks. ARNJAY.....

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Can anyone living in the Quillan area,who has registered their English car within THE LAST 3 MONTHS please clarify where they went to register because we have been given conflicting advice, I think because where people went a while back is not the same as now.  I am aware we have to get a Quitas fiscal before visiting the prefecture but can we do this all in one place, or is it different offices in different towns. Thanks.  

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Hello, Does anyone know a good mechanic who could install a new motor in my Smart car,I live near Lamalou les Bains, and Bedarieux.  

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Hi i have someone that wants to buy my car, it only has one year left on the CT.  cart carte gris is in my name,  my question how do I transfer ownership, what do I write on the carte gris?  Seen cars for sale with none or little CT on Bon coin

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HELP We're having a devil of a job trying to replace a rear window in our Rapido Camping car for a reasonable price. The quotes received have been eye wateringly high.  Has anyone had a similar challenge? We're in the Limoux area Many thanks...  

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Has anyone had experience in using one of the online companies who issue these certificates.  It seems a painless way of obtaining one, if it works.  If you have, what language did your certificate come in. I want mine in French to avoid any translation issues.

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Does anyone know what paper work i should get when buying a secondhand car in France ? Also how i check to see if it is clear of debt / not written off or stolen ? And at what age does a car need its first Controlee Tecneque test. ? I should add it is a private sale. Thanks inadvance. 

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