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Could anyone advise me where to go to buy/have fitted by someone who speaks English replacement bulbs for the headlight on a Zafira.  

started by: francais-497642 · last update: 1389697140 · posted: 1384280134

Hi, We are looking to re-register our UK car asap and have been advised to fill in a Quittus Fiscale in Limoux - please can anyone advise on where the place in Limoux is? Thanks v much

started by: Garygoffa-500439 · last update: 1389696828 · posted: 1386790777

Can anyone tell me where I obtain  this certificate in the Aude please? Many thanks Gary

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Hello can anyone help me get my broken down Renault 5 from Campgne sur aude near Esperaza to the Ariege near Mirepoix , we have a toweing bar but the road is too risky has any one got a trailer or rescue truc we can hire call 0634472351 or email wiendy.mander@sfr.fr

started by: paul J R · last update: 1381060783 · posted: 1380478870

Does anyone know of dry storage for a caravan in the montazels/couiza area and if so how much? I will hopefully be bringing my caravan down from brittany in the next few months and need somewhere to store it when not in use. paul

started by: andrewh-499413 · last update: 1378584980 · posted: 1378508924

I am a British Citizen that also holds a French driving license currently living in Florida, USA.  My wife and I (she is also a British citizen) are planning to migrate to France in the next few years.  Having purchased and owned a Harley Davidson here in the USA for the last four years I would like to import this due to the high cost of purchasing a Harley locally in France.  However, having read how difficult in can be to import vehicles into France, I was wondering if anyone has had experience bringing a second hand car or motorcycle in France from the US and what it entailed.  Any advise, how much did you get stung for import duties etc?

started by: markjuleslupton · last update: 1377890847 · posted: 1377727006

Hi   We are looking at a spanish registered car that we want to export to France from a private seller in the UK where it is now based. Can anyone advise what difficulties there are in exporting a spanish registered car to France and what paper work must be in place so as not to upset the french authorities, Any advise would be appreciated even if it means don't touch it......   Thanks    

started by: Bryan Teixeira · last update: 1377607026 · posted: 1377354377

Hi. I am moving to France soon and am wondering about initially leasing a car for a year or so, rather than buying one. I aan ssee lots of info about leasing if you are a tournist and not an EU resident, but I can't find much about leasing a car in France if I am residing there. Does anyone have any advice (1) about buying versus long term car leasing in France; and (2) reputable long term car leasing companies in France for expats (from the UK) living in France? Thanks. 

started by: micknmo · last update: 1376153234 · posted: 1375274318

Live in France, have French registered car and off to drive to Morocco next April. Is this the time to change to French driving Licence?  If so how difficult and how long does it take. Would appreciate some advice.  <  Mo

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Hi, as well as wanting to get my engine steam cleaned does anyone around the Herault own a Fiat Barchetta? we could meet up Peter

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the engine of my car steam cleaned? I live near Pezenas. Ta,  Peter

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Hi, We have brought a house in Caudies de Fenouilledes and will be arriving mid July for a long holiday when we will be purchasing a car to get around, could someone tell me what documents I will need to bring from Australia with me to make this happen smoothly? thanks and much appreciated any help.

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Hi   we are looking for someone to fit a tow ball a d electrics onto a vw polo. 

started by: francais-497642 · last update: 1370727319 · posted: 1370628507

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good, English-speaking mechanic in the Quillan/Limoux area?  Thanks

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Hello, Could anyone please give me some advice on what to do wth my old car. I notice that cars being sold for spares or repair seem to popular and was wanting to get an idea of whether it would be worthwhile selling or scrapping my old car. It is a Nissan Sunny, 1994, Right-hand drive, French registered, CT until NovemberBodywork in bad condition, rusted underneath, exhaust held on with bean tin! cracked windscreen (above line of sight), Engine fine though, am still driving the car for an hour each day and never misses a beat So basically wondering whether I am likely to get more for it scrapping it (do they pay here?) or selling it spares or repair. I need some money towards a new car so want to go with the option where I'll get the most for it. Thanks for any advice anyone can give. Sarah

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Hi all I am thinking of building a Lomax 3 wheeler kit car and have heard of a Lomax club in France with the above name and wondered if anyone has heard of this club and if any of the members are English, I found a link to a website for lomax 3 wheelers based in deux Sevres (79) but the link is now de-funct any help or info would be much appreciated Cheers Boggy

started by: Lynne A · last update: 1370431695 · posted: 1370356378

Hi there, We two sisters are thinking of buying a second hand folding caravan in the UK and bringing it to live in France with us.  It is 4m in length, 2 m wide and 1,5 m high.  What kind of permit/licence will it need and is it easy to obtain in France?  Also what are the peage rules on what is effectively a large trailer rather than a caravan?  Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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Does anyone know of any forthcoming rallies or events or general meet ups for Harley Davidson riders please? We live in the Aude region but will obviously travel. Thanks

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We have a French friend who is arriving at Girona airport on Tuesday 28th May at 22.05 from Manchester. There is no Frogbus after that time, and so she needs a lift in the direction of Vernet les Bains. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks, Shona

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So we had a stone hit us and we thought we got off lucky when there looked like there wasn't any damage. Little did we know the stone hit right under the wiper blades and we had a huge crack in our windscreen the next day. Do I need to phone my insurance company first or my garage got get this taken care of? 

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