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I wonder if anyone knows where i can find a list of cycle sportive or audax rides or any organised routed road rides , If anybody belongs to a club out there in the Languedoc region maybe you have a list of events. I spend a couple of months over there in the summer and want to keep up with my sportive miles. thanks for you help. 

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What is the best route to drive from the Channel Tunnel down to just west of narbonne. The route planners suggest skirting paris to the West (on the peripheriques) and then heading south. Is that the best way? We've always gone west on the motorways north of paris (ROUen) and then dropped down ... in order to avoid paris. Does anyone have a good route to recommend?Thanks

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Good afternoon, I don't know if you would be able to help at all. I have been cycle touring through france for a few weeks with a friend who has had to go home suddenly for a family illness. I would love to carry on touring to Perpignan on my own but would now need somewhere to store my bike there for a few weeks until my friend can return to collect it. It's a long shot but would anyone in Perpignan have space in a garage or shed where i could leave the bike after 25/4/13 for a few weeks? Any help much appreciated. Lorraine

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Hi there   Does anyone know an up to date price for a carte grise in department 11?  I have read so many values in all sorts of different places?!   Many thanks, Mandi

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Recently driven a friends car, registered in France, to the UK.  I have decided to buy it and register it in the UK. What is the simplest way of accomplishing this transaction? Any advice appreciated!

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Does anyone know anything about the online site easydrivinglicence.com? They claim to be able to give you LEGALLY an EU driving license. Since we are americans and our US state driving license is not from a state that has a reciprocal relationship with France we find ourselves in the unenviable position of having to spend months in study, driving, testing and spending lots and lots of Euros for driving school just to obtain a driving license after 30+ years of driving in the states and on vacation in other countries! We would love not to have to go through that dreaded process. So, if you know or have had experience with this group please let us know your thoughts. Thanks for anything anyone may know.

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Hello we are in the process of reregistering our UK car but need to change the headlights - can anyone recommend a good website where we can buy them (we have a Nissan pickup) thank you

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We've just bought a second hand car (French registered) and without going into too much detail we won't be in a postition to register it quickly, perhaps after the 1 month deadline, although we are hoping to get back to do so. Christmas falls within that one month deadline as well so I guess the Prefecture will be closed during some of that period.  Has anyone registered after the month, or used the on line companies to register later?  

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Hi all We are moving to the Carcassonne area early next year (can't wait!), and trying to decide whether to buy an English van and register it in France, or buy a French van when we're there.  Any advice would be very much appreciated!  Basically, we have contacts here in the UK and could get a good, reliable van at a reasonable price compared to an 'unknown' second hand French van which holds its value well.  But we aren't sure of the pitfalls.... will it cost the earth to register in France, will insurance be sky high for a right hand drive.. that sort of thing..... hmmm... Many thanks!  Mandi

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I would appreciate any comments on travelling from Narbonne to calais.Any hints or no no's.We've been going to Britain by Ryanair recently and feel a bit out of touch with driving it .Even suggestions as to Toulouse way or Millau way  would help.Peter

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I am in the process of trying to register my 40 year old classic bike here in France. I have read the Anglo info documents and have an idea what to do but has anyone been through this system who could give me any advice?

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We moved to France in May 2010 and have decided to stay for good. 2 months ago we decided to tackle the changing of our UK number plates to French ones.We had heard it was a complicated, fraught experience, but it turned out to be a lot easier than we thought. Everyone was so helpful. The only bad thing about the whole procedure was the horrendous cost!This is how we went about it: Our first point of call was to the local Town Hall (Marie) mainly to check over the procedure with them and to pick up the application form for the Carte Vert which is their version of the UK log book. We need not have gone there first as they filled out the form for us anyway.We then went to the main car dealer for Ford in Beziers. It's important to go to the main dealer, rather than just a local garage, even though they may also be a dealer for your make of vehicle. Once there, we booked ourself in for an MOT, or Controle Technique and arranged to have our headlights changed so that they beam to the right. In france you only need an MOT every 2 years.Some vehicles have a switch on the headlights which can change their direction, and so avoid the cost of new headlights, so it's important to ask the garage to check for this first! Whilst we were there, the manager very kindly found out the address of the manufacturers in Paris where we needed to send the vehicle information and Controle Technique pass so we could obtain the Certificat de Conformite. This is required before you can obtain a Carte Gris. Basically, the Paris office would have to contact ford in the UK on our behalf to get the required manufacturers details to confirm that our vehicle conforms to french standard. The total cost for changing the headlamps and the Controle Technique was 545 Euros.The manager also gave us details of what was required to send to Paris, including a blank form for writing in the details of the vehicle, e.g. chassis number from the plate on the radiator.After our car passed its MOT, we got home, opened the bonnet and carefully copied the numbers from the car onto the aforementioned form, then we sent this form, accompanied by the UK logbook, the Controle Technique certificate, a cheque for 150 Euros, and proof of identity and proof of residence in France to the Ford Head Branch in Paris.Two weeks later we received the Certificate of Conformity. We then marched down to the Tax Office (again, you need to make sure it's the main tax office, not all local tax offices deal with re-registration of vehicles). Here we needed to prove that our car was at least 6 months old and had clocked up more than 6,000 KM to qualify for Quittus Fiscal which is a tax exemption certificate. They also needed to know the exact mileage of the vehicle in KM. This was a very quick and cost-free process.The next step was to go back to the Marie with all our documentation and get them to send off the request form for the Carte Gris or Registration document. The following documents are required for this in addition to the obligatory application form:The Controle technique Pass CertificateThe Certificat de ConformiteThe Quittus FiscaleThe original UK logbook showing the registration date of the vehicleProof of IdentityProof of residence in FranceA cheque. In our case, the Marie weren't sure how much was required, so it had to be a blank cheque. I still haven't had the amount deducted from my bank account, so I don't know the precise figure, but it depends on your vehicule's horse power. Ours is 7 and the figure will be between 300 and 350 Euros. Quite expensive, we thought.The Marie very kindly completed the form for us and duly sent it off with a warning that it could take at least a month for the new registration documents to arrive.It actually took 28 days, so much better than we thought, especially as Easter fell in the middle of that period.All that then remained was to take the certificate into a car shop, (similar to Halfords) and it was a matter of minutes to cut the plates and attach them to the car. Plastic ones are no longer legal now and they have to destroy your old plates as well.This cost around 25 euros and was all done together on the spot. Quite impressive.We were then able to apply for Car insurance here, handing the insurers our Carte Gris. You have 6 months from the date of receipt of the registration certificate to get the number plates changed and if your current insurance is about to expire, you can still obtain insurance whilst waiting for your Carte Gris to arrive, providing you get the Marie personel to stamp a copy of the application form to show that all the documents are in order and that the application has been sent off.Having now got everything sorted in the space of 2 months, we thought it would be helpful to others going through the same process, so we hope this information has been useful to other ex-pats out there.XX Helen & AldoCap d'Agde

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Hi, we are just starting the process to put our English car onto French plates. My husband has SORN the car in the UK and sent the bit of the V5 off to export the car. We have contacted Citreon for a certificate of conformity and are waiting for them to get back to us. In the meantime our UK insurance has expired. Does anyone know if I can get French car insurance for a car with an English plate or with a temporary carte gris? I'm hoping that once the certificate is through we can get the temporary carte gris from the prefacture quite quickly. Also does anyone know where the prefacture in Beziers is? and if you need an appointment? Thanks

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who likes tinkering with cars. It would be good to find someone, in the area who would be interested in getting together and working on cars  

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Hi we have just bought a holiday house near Montpellier and will live there for 5 months during our New Zealand winter. My son is buying a campervan in holland and we want to take ownership of it when he's finished traveling Europe. We want to base it in France but realise we would have to reregistering it in France. The van is a 1992 VW LT28D 6-cylinder diesel camper. Is this possible to do as we are not domicile in France. The alternative is for my son who lives in uk to take it to uk and reregistering it there. If it stays with Dutch registration we have to take it there every year for its annual check up etc Any thoughts and advice please?      

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My UK reg Golf is currently at VW garage having work done for Controle Technique ( bad luck for me as shock absorbers and front brakes need doing ) and I then want to register the car here . I am confused about the likely cost and the tax based on the horse power of the car - have googled but cant find anywhere which tells me what a HP a 2005 Tdi 105 cv car would be, have even looked at the COC from VW . Sorry if I appear thick but all these car specs go way above my head .  Can anyone help and give me an idea of the cost of getting the carte grise for the golf so that i don't have another nasty surprise like the car repair cost.     

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Hi,Can anyone help? We have a new french car that was registered May this year, and it is registered to our old address in Paris, we have just moved to Sauvian and thought the registration would be an easy online process. Oh no. The application for an address change on the Carte Gris has just been rejected with no reason. And I have seen that the alternative is going to Bezier prefecture with forms, and also a proof of residency. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why we were declined on line and whether we can try again? And also when they say proof of residency do they just mean a utility bill? As we are not French residents as we haven`t been here long enough. I am very confused and don`t know what to do. I think it must be me doing something wrong as everyone has told me how easy this is to do!!Thanks, Leanne 

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A UK friend wants to cycle canal du midi et la garonne toute seule one way in late August or September ... possibly coast to coast. Getting himself from North Norfolk to Bordeaux / Toulouse / Narbonne and return to UK is challenging by train... Does any one know what would be the options? Even the Express coach with bike carriers only travel down the motorways and autoroutes. Ideas welcome ....Also if I were to bring my car with bike carrier from Central France where would be the best and safest place for me to park? I also want to do this route toute seule maybe in September to October but I think the camp sites may close at the end of September. So my option is probably Spring 2013.Each of us aims to camp as we go and stay in B&B as and when we need a comfort zone. I would like to do coast to coast and possibly the return ... maybe ambitious but next year I would have the time... I have the tourist office maps. My friend bought a book.Any other suggestions or recommendations would be helpful.

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Is anyone able to shed any light on how to scrap a car, where to go, what forms to sign, etc. Would there be any payment for the car, i.e. scrap metal value? Or would I have to pay them to take it off my hands? Another alternative is to sell it for spares and repairs. Do garages/mechanics buy cars? Or what is the best way to do this? Again, what paperwork would need to be completed?The car is driveable, but as it will need some work in the next few months that would outway the value of the car it seems that one of these may be the best route to go.Lezignan is nearest town, so any suggestions on how to go about doing this would be great!

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Deos anyone have any idea on the restrictions on driving a foreign plated car when you are a resident in France - sorry if this has been covered - can't find it anywhere! I have one spanish plated car and one uk plated van - advice please

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