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With Covid restrictions now eased, I would like to make sure that lovers of writing know about this unique opportunity to join a week-long writing holiday in Prades, Pyrenees-Orientales. ‘Ireland Writing Retreat’ is delighted to announce some of the colourful highlights of our upcoming mid-March event in one of the most beautiful regions in France - Languedoc, an hour from the Mediterranean Sea and from Spain. You can see details about it in this article and I am happy to answer any questions you might have about it. https://www.irelandwritingretreat.com/post/don-t-miss-this-offerI am new to this portal and I am interested to see your views on support for those interested in creative writing as I am making plans for moving to France from Ireland.

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Do we have to pay even though we cannot visit our pad due to covid?

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Hi I have a sky satellite dish but just want the channels you can get with freeview tv ..as I've cancelled my sky to subsviotion in the uk..,,. will a freeview box work with sky dish? 

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HiThanks to sponsorship by the Halley Language Institute, the CGR cinema has a trial of VO movies this month at a reduced price.If you would like to see regular VO movies available, then come along and support this initiative - enjoying a great movie, to boot!Programme:Thursday 8 February    20:15        Pentagon PapersTuesday 13 February    22:20        Black PantherThursday 15 February    20:15      The 15:17 to Paris*** the author has no financial interest in this activity ***For queries, contact CGR on tel 0 892 68 85 88.  Enjoy the shows!Ian

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Hello. Looking for any suggestion for New Years Eve events around perpignan as the events there don't seem to involve traditional music etcetera. Le Bacares seems a bit "tacky". Looking for something more traditional where the locals would go. Thank you

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I’m looking to et French Tv in but there’s no arial however we have a small 60cm dish which gets UK Tv and I wanted both. Anyone know of a way or installers who can sort out in the north Dordogne (on the river) 

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Hello!  As you can see by the title, I am having reception problems and I wonder if anyone could give me some advice?Having had problems over the last 3 years off and on, I was advised by a nice young man at Bricoman to change the Digibox.  So I did.  This new Digibox only seems to be receiving on Astra 28.2:  2A  2C and  2D and apparently I need 2F to get BBC and ITV Channels.   On my old Digibox which came from England via my nephew, I was receiving all freebie channels (except for the odd stormy weather).  Is it because this box was programmed in France and my old one was programmed in the UK?  Have I fiddled around too much with the dish? Is my dish too old (on the old box Intensity and Quality signals are excellent) or need a new or extra head?  The new Digibox is receiving many channels clearly.I would very much appreciate your suggestions.  Thank you in advance.Ponytails

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Hi there.  Is anyone in the surrounding Beziers area interested in forming an amateur theatre group in September?  I would be interested in whatever you have to suggest.  An amateur, amateur, amateur!

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I know this subject has been about for a long time but now that Filmon have decided to remove watching for free it is time for me to face the fact I have to find the perfect platform for watching UK programmes whilst living in France.  I would gladly like your input how you watch programmes from the UK, what cost there is involved, how successful it is, and whereabouts you live.  I am in St Julia de Bec and we are thinking of going down the satellite dish route.  Perhaps we should start a forum whereby we can all help each other with this problem.

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Hello!  I would like to know if anyone has or is preparing a pantomime in the surrounding Beziers area for Christmas.

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hi \ll , I know this is a long shot but I'm looking to join up with a band to sing and do so gigs , I love to sing but find in france its hard to find ....get in touch if you know of any sing groups or bands

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For fans of good French wines and English rock On Friday, June 17th, it's the Summer of AOC Corbières, from 19:30 to an outdoor concert at the wine cooperative GRUISSAN Village. On site, two Food Trucks and cellar wine bar for a quality fast food, and OLDIES for the rest for the best British Rock Music of the 60's...

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Hi has anyone used UK TV (Advertised on this site) I have tried e-mailing twice and telephoned, with out a response. Wondered if they were still operating ?   John S

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Hi, I am looking into organising my wedding in the Languedoc region over the next year or so and am hoping there might be a local English or Irish band in the region to hire for the event. Anyone know of any? Thanks! :-)

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Hi , i am a 50yr young Singer / Sax player looking for other musicians in the Montpellier area to put a group together for fun and why not a few gigs !! I sing anything from Sinatra to Elvis to Robbie Williams , Swing/Pop/Rock/Rock n Roll ........ Clive.

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Hello, Please be prepared to be bombarded with questions as I make plans for my imminent move to the Uzes area. The first is an internet question with a twist. I have to admit that when it comes to gadgetry and especially the internet I am a dinosaur. I am capable of standing in PC World with a total lack of understanding at what I am looking at or why I would need it. As my family no longer consists of teenagers to resolve my issues I feel the need to seek help from this forum where other dinosaurs may have been helped through similar technical matters by their teenage offspring. This year I shall be bringing my boat across the channel at which point I shall be throwing overboard my contract smartphone that I never fully understood and purchasing a cheapy pay as you go phone purely for phone calls within France Question 1.  Any advice which provider for best coverage? I shall be sailing through the rivers and canals down to Languedoc Roussillon where I shall be remaining. Questions 2 (The main one) and 3.  I want to fit the boat with equipment that will provide me with a reliable internet service. This will be my primary means of communication with home throughout the journey and at the end of that journey I shall be living on the boat for 6 – 12months whilst property hunting so the internet will be used extensively. What gadget do I need to fit to the boat to receive the internet signal (Can I buy it and have it fitted in UK or will I need to buy it in France) and any advice about which internet service provider will be the most reliable for me Thanks                             Graham Wilson

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HI,   My son & his wife recently employed an English  wedding planner!   The charge was €2300 The service was poor & the music, cake etc. (which were extra of course) were also very poor. We have asked for a partial refund which has been refused. I know that many couples from the UK are coming to France for a wedding or ceremony & feel that this company are ripping them off!  .  

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Hello  Does anyone know if there is an organisation or person who is able to repair a NAD ampin the area? Thank you  

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Bonjour,  does anyone know where Star Wars is showing in 3D and in english?  Other than Montpellier as their screens are too small.  many thanks, Dave 

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