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We would like to find some prints or maybe original art for our new house. Although it may be rather old hat, we would like some views of the region. Where would we find such a thing?

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In the Narbonnais there a framing shops in both the Geant and Carrefour centres and another - more an artisits supply shop by the side of the canal. Unfortunatly impressive the gallery shop closed down (relocated?) last year.

The framer at Carrefour (ZAC La Source) has a number of prints, sketches, litho's and oils taken from local scenes (the Tour at old-Gruissan seeming quite popular right now).

You could look in your local Yellow Pages (or the on-line English language version) for framers and start with them. They often have a collection by local artists and if not carry a collection of cards for gallery-shops and studio's that they cooperate with.

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