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Hello!  As you can see by the title, I am having reception problems and I wonder if anyone could give me some advice?Having had problems over the last 3 years off and on, I was advised by a nice young man at Bricoman to change the Digibox.  So I did.  This new Digibox only seems to be receiving on Astra 28.2:  2A  2C and  2D and apparently I need 2F to get BBC and ITV Channels.   On my old Digibox which came from England via my nephew, I was receiving all freebie channels (except for the odd stormy weather).  Is it because this box was programmed in France and my old one was programmed in the UK?  Have I fiddled around too much with the dish? Is my dish too old (on the old box Intensity and Quality signals are excellent) or need a new or extra head?  The new Digibox is receiving many channels clearly.I would very much appreciate your suggestions.  Thank you in advance.Ponytails

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