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I know this subject has been about for a long time but now that Filmon have decided to remove watching for free it is time for me to face the fact I have to find the perfect platform for watching UK programmes whilst living in France.  I would gladly like your input how you watch programmes from the UK, what cost there is involved, how successful it is, and whereabouts you live.  I am in St Julia de Bec and we are thinking of going down the satellite dish route.  Perhaps we should start a forum whereby we can all help each other with this problem.

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If you are desperate to watch UK TV and a dish will work in your location that is surely the way to go. A one off investment in a dish and a free sat box and 'free' TV for as long as the system lasts. 

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Hi there,

I know a guy that may be able to help: Skydigi (his name is Herman)


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I use UKTV GLobal. No need for a dish, works over the internet.

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