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HI,   My son & his wife recently employed an English  wedding planner!   The charge was €2300 The service was poor & the music, cake etc. (which were extra of course) were also very poor. We have asked for a partial refund which has been refused. I know that many couples from the UK are coming to France for a wedding or ceremony & feel that this company are ripping them off!  .  

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sebastianH 1438603485

So many Brit expats are ripped off Brits. From builders and tradesment to, well, wedding planners. If they are resident in the UK why don't they prepare a detailed Small-Claims court claim, and Tweet and FB warnings like crazy always being accurate and factual. You may unearth many other unhappy, ripped-off customers. A friends had two duaghters weddings in France. Same local French wedding planner who did a brilliant job every step of the way. Personally generally avoid Brits trades/craftsmen and services now. A few good ones but many are rip-off opportunists

brownee 1452056988

Hi Sebastian, 

Just looking at your reply here as I am looking into organising my wedding in France for hopefully later this year also. 

I am based in Australia so it's even harder. Might I ask for the name and contact details of your recommended wedding planner please?



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