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A small Anglophone choir is starting to rehearse Christmas carols for aconcert (and hoping to continue after Christmas) in Lunel, meeting onTuesdays with a very experienced conductor. If you would like to join pleasecontact David Austin on 04 67 83 75 68 or days.lunel@wanadoo.frJanet Ferguson04 66 57 42 56painter.brian@neuf.fr

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Don't miss this superb band - best I have ever seen in France. Their forthcoming venues are: 27 October - 8 pm at Place republique, Lieuran Les Beziers - no charge. 9 November - Restaurant 2 rue de Rome 34300 Agde. Info & Reservations 04 67 76 18 58 You can preview them on http://www.myspace.com/angieandco

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Would anyone know of an English speaking radio in the region? Or partially broadcasting in English? Thanks again to everyone out there!

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So where is the best place to go and watch the Final next week? I will be in St Cyprien Plage.........and want to go somewhere for the best atmosphere!!

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For those in the Beziers area, there will be a great "Robert Altman week-end": "A prairie home companion", "Short cuts" and "John McCabe" at Le Palace cinema.

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Hi I would like the BBC in France but do not want Sky - does anyone know how to get it? We have broadband is it possible that way? Thanks Jane

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I have a UK bought and perfectly working but quite heavy in my suitcase digital radio that I'm hoping will work in France - does anyone know if it should? I've just found out that my telephone handsets won't work as they are so now I'm thinking this may be the case with my radio too. Much appreciated. Only 2 days to the big move!

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Dear all, Does anyone know where I can organise a number of Christmas parties - perhaps even a New Year one too, or as it is called here Reveillon de Saint Sylvestre. I am looking for a restaurant which is 1. wheelchair accessible and 2. will accept/organise a party for 30 to 40 children so as I can avoid the Mac Don.....'s hackle 3. I am looking, also, for a restaurant that will cater for around the same number of Adults for Christmas lunches and evening meals. I am near to Mirepoix (09 Arriege) and Fanjeaux (11 Aude) Any suggestions gratefully received. Many thanks in advance Marie Domaine de La Coume Aude

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Hi, apologies in advance if this is a 'blond' question. Do you need a sat dish in order to use these digital receivers I see in the supermarkets? We are hoping to get better tv without putting up a sat dish as we are renting and thats not possible in our building. Thanks for the help. In Canet

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Dear All, I am an Ex-professional musician living in Lunel and am looking for help to form a small international chamber orchestra and English Choir in this area with the aim of presenting, as our debut, a Christmas Carol Concert. For the initial formation it would be desirable for the instrumentalists and vocalists, English speaking of any nationality, to have some experience and a competent standard. All voices and instruments will be needed and the rehearsals, depending on the response, could hopefully commence in October. I do hope that you are able to assist me in this endeavour.Kind regards,David, Lunel

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Every Second Tuesday & The last Friday of Each MonthFrom 19h30 @ The Café du Siècle - Ganges Le Rendez-vous Anglais is a regular meeting of friends. We meet at the Café du Siècle in Ganges on the 2nd Tuesday and the last Friday of the month, from 19h30 onwards. The meetings are free to attend (you just need to bring along the price of a pint).We are a lively, friendly bunch and don't bite. The meetings are designed to be informal and welcoming which range from a beer in a local bar to a giant picnic by the river.We are delighted to have new people join us of all nationalities, individuals or families. So if you are new to the area or have been here for a while why not come along and see what we have to offer. You can benefit from the help and advice of people who have already gone through the same experience of moving to a new area or help others.We aim to organise regular social events and activities within the local area. We welcome your input, so if you have any ideas for future events, please do not hesitate to contact us.The events are organised by Alan who has lived in France for 10 years and Wendy a relative newcomer who has lived here for almost 2 years. We are supported behind the scenes by our respective partners, Beatrice and Dennis.So if you fancy a chat to find out what we are all about why not get in touch. www.lerendezvousanglais.co.uk Le Rendez-vous Anglais

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This is the local dance in North catalonia (Roussillon region - Perpignan); it looks quite complicated but I think I would like to give it a try. Has anyone tried it before?

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Would you believe it? It seems there is a crocodile walking around the lake in Canet en Roussillon....maybe we should avoid bringing the kids for a picnic this week-end! http://www.lemonde.fr/web/depeches/0,14-0,39-32410334@7-52,0.html

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Can anyone give me information on the availability of local or regional newspapers for the Languadoc region, published in English.

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I produced a write up on Angie & Co. for this magazine. They were due to appear at the camping site at Lac Salagou on 1 September. Apparently the whole mini-festival has been cancelled but Angie & Co. Blues Band are appearing at le Rols, Millau on 8 September.

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Hi There! Could anybody advise a good brocante / vide-grenier in the Montpellier area for this coming week-end? Thanks!

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Make a note on your calendar not to miss Angie & Co Blues Band, 7 pm at Brasserie des Sports, Montagnac on 18 August. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. This band are the best musicians I have heard to date in France. Angie is a diminutive young woman but can’t she just sing from her soul! Her distinctive and extremely powerful voice resonates the blues in its truest sense. The band comprises a female singer (Angie); drummer (Erik); guitar (Mike) and bass player (Eric). Their repertoire includes songs by such artistes as Ella Fitzgerald; John Lee Hooker; Etta James; BB King; Ray Charles. The band was formed around 2004 but Mike only joined them last September. They plan to expand their line-up with a pianist, a brass section and write their own material. They are available to play at private soirées. If you are interested in the latter, please send me an e-mail and I will let you have Mike’s telephone no.

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With the kind of weather we have currently in the region, I was looking for cinemas...and just realised Angloinfo had it right here. Many thanks to the Angloinfo team!

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Just received an ad from Carrefour: from tomorrow they will have a new set of seats available for all Rugby Matches....

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