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Although I realise that my French language skills will benefit greatly from viewing in French, I long for the chance to see an up-to-date movie in my native tongue!! Where are there any English-language cinemas? I live in Limoux. Sadabbott

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I am coming to Perpignan for the kids holidays from today for the next 10 days. Can anyone tell me if there is a circus or a kids show in town in that period? I might have to keep them busy if the weather goes on as it is today...

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Hello there! I will soon have to organise a birthday party for my 5 year old son; this will be the first one for me in France. He has been to a few already and it seems to me that these parties are a simple get-together with cake and orange juice! Any tips?

started by: Heidi-483152 · last update: 1175897899 · posted: 1175897899

If you are not too far from Perpignan don't miss the Easter celebrations. You have to see this once in a lifetime!

started by: Carlotta-483234 · last update: 1175789284 · posted: 1175697792

I am now preparing egg hunting for this coming week-end. The baker in my village is selling home-made chocolate eggs ....just fantastic! Are you also going for egg hunting? Are your eggs brought by rabbits or bells?

started by: Heidi-483152 · last update: 1175530293 · posted: 1174310542

I just saw the preview from the English-movie guide from Angloinfo; Beatrix Potter's life with some fantasy in it, can't wait to see it!

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The villages local to me are celebrating the 1907 wine revolt. Does anyone have any idea what it is all about? I know a local man in Argeliers began the revolt and that a garrison of solders joined in and later 6 people died. Cruzy, Narbonne and Beziers are all about to celebrate the event but I would like to know more before hand if possible. The Cruzy museum has a display of original placards and photographs from the era, but again, due to lack of language, I am unable to work out the history. Any help would be gratefully received. Kieran Halfway between Beziers and Narbonne

started by: Heidi-483152 · last update: 1175444280 · posted: 1175170365

My sister is coming over from Germany with her kids (4 and 7 yers old) for holidays. Any suggestion on where to bring the kids for some fun activities? Advices welcomed!

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Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovskys is such a good read that I thought I would let you know about it. I am not yet finished but it is absolutely compelling and contains lots of interesting reference to France as it is set here post WW1 but mainly during the occupation of WW2. It is in English despite the title.

started by: Debbie B-482862 · last update: 1175289880 · posted: 1175289880

If this will be your first April Fool's day in France: You might get a paper fish sticked to your back and of course you will be the last one to notice. A good laugh...not only for kids!

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Could anyone please shed any light on the legalities of putting a satellite dish onto the outside of a block of apartments. The dish is 60cm but I am not sure where we stand on putting it up outside of the building if it is communal. We are a co-propriety. Many thanks.

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There is a great film festival soon to start in Perpignan; all movies are shown in "v.o." with a lot of good old classical movies. It runs from March 29th to April 5th and it will be in Perpignan.

started by: finno-482906 · last update: 1174149482 · posted: 1173889320

A whole Terry Gilliam Night with 4 movies in a row in Ales film festival; I won't miss it!

started by: finno-482906 · last update: 1173996401 · posted: 1173963908

Does anybody know what's going on for St Patrick's day around here? Green beers, parades?

started by: jablake · last update: 1173428586 · posted: 1173428586

does anybody know of any ballroom dancing classes in the argeles/perpignan area pleasejohn

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Trying to get French TV man to provide the gear ie. dish, box, setting-up to enable us to receive BBC TV programmes [we are not TV addicts but with the evenings drawing in would like the option to watch] in the Carcassonne area. After 3 days [on and off] he has been unable to do so and now says we need a 90cm. dish and a different box. I am coming to the conclusion he does not know what he is doing and the cost is spiralling. Any suggestions, comments, recommendations of proven installers in this area would be appreciated. Thanks. Tony. Tony

started by: finno-482906 · last update: 1172242205 · posted: 1172242205

Did you know that the festival is starting tonight? They really do have an impressive list of shows and guests (Harold Pinter??). All in Nimes for a week or so. Have a nice week-end evryone!

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Committed, dedicated and very experienced professional drummer with own recording studio is looking for a band or musicians of similar standard. Jo Goodyere

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A friend reminded me of this earlier in the week. Should be a fun night on 18th Feb in local Chinese restos. Year of the boar/pig apparently. Good excuse to eat like one for the evening... Yin Nian Kuai he!

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Just a query , a reply has been posted to Traveller about going to northern Spain and Barcelona was mentioned .... is that not south eastern Spain ? Northern Spain is Santander etc is it not ? Please enlighten me ....

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